LS Insurance Company to become Humania Assurance Inc.

Saint-Hyacinthe, QC (Apr. 24, 2013) – LS Insurance Company was pleased to announce during the celebration to mark its 75th anniversary on April 17, 2013, that it had decided to change its name to “Humania Assurance Inc.”

This rejuvenation initiative was driven by a desire to give the company a more modern, bilingual name that better evokes the human values that guide the company and the health insurance products that characterize it.

Despite the change, the name “LS Mutual” will continue to be echoed within the financial group, as the mutual management corporation that owns 100% of the insurance company will retain its name, “LS Mutual Management.” The mutual management corporation groups the 100,000 or so mutual members who, effective May 1, 2013, will be partners of Humania Assurance Inc. That is when the company’s name change will become effective.

About LS Mutual

As a mutual insurance company, LS Mutual’s mission is to help its insureds meet their financial obligations, primarily in the event of health problems or accidental disabilities, and in the case of death. To do so, the Company offers quality insurance products to both groups and individuals through a range of distribution channels suited to the needs of a varied clientele.

Its status as a mutual company drives LS Mutual to favour the quality of services it provides to its mutual members while maintaining reasonable profitability to secure its financial soundness.

LS Mutual is as committed to participating in community life as it is to serving its insureds. Every year, the Company supports a range of projects in health, education, youth, arts and culture. LS Mutual also supports a number of humanitarian organizations that work in different areas providing assistance to people with special needs.

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