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ICTC2013 – What to Leave Behind?

We are 25 hours from the start of registration for the 2013 Technology Conference, and, after a day like yesterday,  the big question is:  What can we leave behind?  The answer, actually, is obvious.

So What Did Happen On The Ides of March?

Early yesterday morning, one of our partners discovered that all of was down and out.  Website, email, this blog …. all gone.  The cause: a clerical error.  As trivial as that sounds, it didn’t change the fact that we had no portal to the world.  With two critical days to go before our annual conference.  We were told it would be Monday at the earliest before anything could be done. (To be clear, it was not our service provider who created the problem.)

The team went into Disaster Recovery mode.  A second website went up with bare bones information, primarily focusing on the conference.  A mass mailing went out with emergency email connections to the team.  And a diligent team member went to sort out the clerical issues.

Within two hours, the shadow site was live.  And, by 5:30 PM, the clerks had been appeased, and our main site was up and running.

The sighs of relief were short lived.  Most of the last minute conference elements had been put aside.  So the question is: What can we leave behind?

Can We Leave Out Some Content?

All of the presenters are in place, most have sent their presentations and the summaries are on the site.  So that’s done except for the consolidation.

The content is just too good to forgo last minute finishing touches.

Can We Leave Out the Awards?

The hermetically sealed Mayonnaise Jar containing the results of the ICTA jury voting has arrived and the Finalists and Jurors will be showing up Monday at 4:30 for the Ceremony.  We’d be lynched and the scheduled reception would turn to wake … ours!

Can We Forget About the Name Tags and Conference Materials?

I personally enjoy seeing old friends, but sometimes forget names.  If I were forced to avoid people whose names evaded me, I’d be spending too much time in the washrooms, and not in the networking sessions.

And I need the conference materials.  Sure I carry an iPad with the schedule, but I occasionally have to use the written stuff.  And the bags are critical for the good chachka from the 40 exhibitors.

Anything We Can Lose?

Can we forget about the AV requirements list?  No, too confusing.  How ’bout the food schedule?  As good as the Sheraton Hotel is (and they are good), coordination of last minute changes requires detailed documentation.

But There is One Thing That Can Go…

I’m going to let go of all concerns and get on with what will be a long day and look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.  As a great friend of mine says:

No Doubt, No Fear!

PS:  Online Registration is still available ….