On-demand, compliant customer communications for insurance carriers

By Steve Francis, President and General Manager, North America, GMC Software Technology

Mar. 6, 2013 – Effective administration of insurance products is no easy task, given the constraints of regulatory compliance and inefficiencies created by legacy and disparate front and back-office applications, systems, and workflows. In a highly competitive market, carriers need the ability to quickly respond to market forces with compelling, personalized communications that are essential for acquiring and retaining customers. To compete successfully in today’s fast-changing insurance market, improving efficiency, reducing costs, and getting products and information to market faster is a must.

GMC Software Technology’s customer communication management solution simplifies the complexities carriers face in providing the relevant, compliant, and personalized communications necessary to compete in a cost-efficient manner. Employing an intuitive communication technol-ogy, GMC’s solution will enable your insurance enterprise to generate a wide variety of real-time informative, personalized communications that improve customer acquisition and satisfaction, differentiate your offerings from the crowd, and grow revenues.

A cost-effective, compliant, and user friendly approach

Our single-platform software offers the most secure, compliant, and scalable solution on the market today. Tying front and back-office processes together, its flexible modular design, SOA architecture, and straight-through processing (STP) capability supports seamless integration and deployment with existing infrastructure, formats, processes, and data flows. Its compatibility with all output formats lowers your total cost of ownership, and our flexible, user-friendly interface reduces dependency on IT resources, allowing business users to readily respond to changing customer demands.

With GMC’s automated workflow capabilities you can eliminate cumbersome, slow manual processes, accelerating time to market with policyholder information.

Ensure compliance is handled with the ability to include or exclude specific content based on effective dates to support regulatory filings and changing regulations.

Additionally, having the operational dexterity to make simple changes on individual policies and other customer or broker communications – and the scalability needed to meet the dynamic requirements of your business – enables rapid adaptation to market and regulatory conditions as they occur.

Repurpose legacy systems to support customer preferences

Every enterprise today must be organized around its customers’ preferences. When it comes to producing and delivering consistent multichannel communications, coordinating multiple, separate legacy applications and systems can be a time consuming and costly process. It often involves the expensive parallel development of multiple separate channel communication systems to overcome inflexible and obsolete print-centric software.

Taking a holistic, evolutionary approach, rather than a disruptive revolutionary one, GMC’s customer communications management solution avoids the need to rebuild data structures, content and business logic, thus preserving the value of existing environment integration in legacy systems.

With GMC’s flexible architecture and multichannel scope, legacy application print output can instead be easily repurposed – enabling you to access the legacy communications’ customer data and content and transform it into new communications that can be sent through your customer’s channel of choice. Business users can take existing customer information and content, extract it, reformat it and recompose it with other targeted data to create highly personalized color communications with variable images, marketing messages, dynamic graphs and much more for print or digital channels without the need to touch any of the backend systems and processes or enlist IT support.

Ensure customer engagement and retention

Our easy-to-deploy software suite enables faster onboarding of new customers and implementation of new insurance products, helping you stay ahead of the competition, reinforce your brand, and improve loyalty with easy-to-understand documents that include colorful graphics, charts, and images.

It’s a robust solution that provides you with the tools needed to automatically access customer data from multiple sources, design and produce personalized, compelling communications for individual policyholders; and deliver those communications via the preferred channel – whether that is email, online presentation, SMS messaging, variable data documents, or other electronic or print communications. You can also coordinate message management and greatly expand efficiencies with the ability to consolidate documents and repurpose information across all channels.

Providing instant response is critical in your world of evolving new products and information and it’s made possible through our extensive interactive capabilities.

Using our Web-enabled solutions, turn traditional paper-based processes into a seamless, paperless, browser-based flow with communications that are timely, yet stay consistent with corporate branding and compliance requirements.

Templates can be uploaded to your website so CSRs can view documents in true fidelity, making customer inquiries more productive. Additionally, business users can increase responsiveness with the ability to edit content and add marketing messages, all within a controlled, defined process.

A total enterprise solution

From the simplest document design to the most complex, GMC’s customer communications management solution is designed to handle an extremely wide range of personalized applications efficiently and accurately. Our comprehensive software suite supports document composition capabilities that streamline systems and procedures to deliver more cost-effective, efficient policyholder communications.

Our strength as a partner also comes in the fact that we offer more than a comprehensive software solution. GMC’s expert insurance professional services team can provide the consulting, training, and support you need to design and implement an end-to-end customer communication management system that is aligned with your business strategy, gets you to market fast, and differentiates you from your competitors. Our added support increases agility and speeds migration significantly.

A true market differentiator is always the quality of your customer communications. Highly customer-centric, personalized communications are essential to gaining new accounts, engaging policyholders, brokers and agents, and ensuring loyalty.

About the Author

Steve Francis is president and general manager, North America for GMC Software Technology, the provider of GMC Inspire, an award winning multichannel document output for customer communication management.

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