MCCG congratulates ICTA finalist Farm Mutual

Mutual Concept Computer Group Inc. congratulates the ‘Farm Mutual Insurance Companies using IBS’ for being selected among the Finalists for the 2013 Technology Awards

London, ON (Feb. 26, 2013) – MCCG announces their appreciation to ‘the Farm Mutual Insurance Companies’ for being a finalist in the Technology Award. Recognition of these accomplishments will promote continued adoption of technology, which allows the community to do business efficiently while maintaining their number one priority of improving service to their policyholders. The following Mutual Insurance Companies make up the MCCG Client Community:

Ayr Farmers Mutual Insurance
Bertie and Clinton Mutual Insurance Company
Cayuga Mutual Insurance Company
Dumfries Mutual Insurance Company
Germania Mutual Insurance Company
Grenville Mutual Insurance Company
Halwell Mutual Insurance Company
Howard Mutual Insurance Company
Kent & Essex Mutual Insurance Company
Lambton Mutual Insurance Company
Middlesex Mutual Insurance Company
North Waterloo Farmers Insurance Company
Tradition Mutual Insurance Company
Wabisa Mutual Insurance Company
West Wawanosh Mutual Insurance Company

Company Bay of Quinte Mutual Insurance Company
Brant Mutual Insurance Company
Dufferin Mutual Insurance Company
Farmers� Mutual Insurance Company (Lindsay)
Glengarry Mutual Insurance Company
Grey & Bruce Mutual Insurance Company
HTM Mutual Insurance Company
Howick Mutual Insurance Company
The Kings Mutual Insurance Company
Lanark Mutual Insurance Company
North Kent Mutual Insurance Company
Oxford Mutual Insurance Company
Trillium Mutual Insurance Company
West Elgin Mutual Insurance Company
Westminster Mutual Insurance Company

MCCG is looking forward to attending the Insurance Canada Technology Conference on March 18th &
19th along with a number of their clients from the Mutual Community. This conference represents a
great opportunity for the community to identify better technologies that can be integrated into their
business plans.

“MCCG is playing a key role in ensuring the Mutual Community in Canada continues to adopt and
implement technology across their businesses in ways that help their policyholders and distribution
networks. Ensuring the community remains agile and progressive with their use of technology are key
to both MCCG and our Mutual Client community. Acknowledgement of the Community’s efforts by
Insurance Canada and their peers is a great day for our teams,” stated Frank Barretto, President and

“The last twenty years working with the Farm Mutual Community regarding technology initiatives has
been a great experience. The business of insurance and insurance information technology has evolved
significantly over that time and increasingly requires insurance carriers to be more effective in the
processing of information to create efficiencies throughout the insurance landscape. The members of
the Farm Mutual Community have addressed this challenge by working together and have successfully
managed to pool their collective resources in order to deliver an enterprise software package – the
Insurance Business Solution (IBS®). The IBS is a comprehensive and flexible solution that automates and
enables the insurance business processes by providing an extensive set of features and functionality
including the Paperless Office, Document Management, Enterprise Job Scheduler (EJS), Electronic
Banking, Broker Connectivity (i.e. the IBS Insurance Gateway, upload, download, eDocs) as well as many
more capabilities that are all delivered within a fully integrated solution. The fact that the Farm Mutual
Community has been recognized for this substantial effort and to be part of that journey is a very
rewarding experience for myself and the entire team at MCCG,” declared Steve Goris, Vice President of
Research & Development at MCCG.

“The IBS solution is powerful and robust, taking care of our needs today. MCCG’s team through R&D and
innovative thinking are making sure it meets our needs tomorrow,” stated Alec Harmer, President &
CEO of HTM Insurance Company.

“MCCG has worked with our community of mutuals to develop a policy management system that meets
all of our back end needs, but more excitingly has added infrastructure to allow us to provide technology
to our brokers that is on par or better than that of large carriers. Through user groups, customer
collaboration and planning sessions they create a structured Roadmap for the upcoming year that
provides for the release of leading edge enhancements to the system each quarter. The team at MCCG
have built a great solution, but it is the future that excites them the most!” said Josie Gaffney, Vice
President & CIO of North Waterloo Farmers Mutual Insurance Company.

“Grenville Mutual has worked hand in hand with the MCCG team over many years. Our company
continually requires leading edge development of our IBS operating system and has progressively
supported the implementation of the MCCG Insurance Gateway Project. Our operating platform has
enabled us to pioneer on-line policy inquiry, real time auto and residential broker connectivity and
automated renewals to name some of our projects. Grenville’s progress is equaled by MCCG’s
commitment to delivering high value technology, service and support.

Grenville is proud to initiate and collaborate on many technology advances within our Mutual
Community, while also working on leading technology that will be unique within the insurance industry
as a whole,” asserted Ross E. Lincoln, President & CEO of Grenville Mutual Insurance Company.
“Kings Mutual made the decision to implement IBS in 2001 and have been using MCCG software
continuously since 2002. We have been pleased with the responsiveness to our business needs and the
consistent refinement of the product over that time,” said Dan Lister, President & CEO of The Kings
Mutual Insurance Company (Nova Scotia).

About ‘Farm Mutual Insurance Companies’

There is a strong network of purely mutual insurance companies operating in Canada, commonly
referred to as ‗the farm mutuals.’ These are community based property and casualty (P&C) insurance
companies that are owned by their policyholders. There are no stockholders. Any surplus either remains
in the company’s surplus account or may be refunded to the policyholders – at the discretion of the
policyholder directors.

Almost all of these companies are now over 100 years old. They have remained strong and stable
throughout the years and have provided solid, reliable service to the communities in which they
operate. Canada’s ‘farm mutuals’ provide a broad range of insurance and financial products to

About MCCG

MCCG is an innovative software provider who has a fully integrated insurance back office solution (IBS)
successfully implemented in twenty nine Mutual Insurance Companies across Canada. MCCG has a
proven track record that can be attributed to a focus on client requirements and product quality. MCCG,
established in 1993, is wholly owned by Canadian Mutual Insurance Companies with the mission of
providing comprehensive and flexible solutions for its clients. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Mutual Concept Computer Group Inc.