IBAO Leads Training Initiative for iClarify Services in Ontario

Toronto, ON (Feb. 25, 2013) – As the next step in the evolution of the partnership with iClarify, IBAO is pleased to announce that they will develop and deploy educational training for brokers across Ontario. Education will focus on iClarify’s unique methodology, how the service can effectively be used to successfully reduce time and costs along with lengthy, subjective questions typically unknown by the homeowner while increasing credibility and profit.

“The full adoption of iClarify will allow our Member Brokers to change their point of sale valuation process from twenty minutes to two minutes” states Randy Carroll, CEO IBAO. “iClarify drives accuracy, efficiency and an enhanced customer experience.”

iClarify has emerged as the predominate point of sale and online consumer validation and valuation solution in Canada. “Our membership remains focused on adopting proven technological solutions like iClarify that streamline the broker process when serving clients, and strengthens their position within the competitive marketplace ,” says Randy Carroll, CEO IBAO. “Assisting our membership to ensure they are using this tool to its maximum potential will provide a strategic advantage for brokers across the province.”

In 2009, IBAO’s wholly owned subsidiary Independent Broker Resources Inc. (IBRI) and iClarify made a commitment to the industry to build a holistic, logical, real-time solution in order to drive better efficiencies within the insurance industry. Through access to the largest databases of inspections, claims and total loss data in the industry, today the organizations are proud to have delivered this expectation and commitment.

“We are tremendously excited that IBAO has taken the lead on this very important training initiative,” says Greg McCutcheon, President Opta Information Intelligence. IBAO was our first funding development partner for iClarify and we are thrilled to see their extended commitment to the product and efficiencies it drives within the broker process.”

Both organizations anticipate rollout of training services during second quarter of 2013.

About IBAO

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SOURCE: Opta Information Intelligence, an SCM company