Ingle International unveils exclusive new coverage for international students and homestay families

Toronto, ON (Feb. 20, 2013) – Ingle International is proud to announce the addition of two new and exclusive products for Canadian educational institutions, homestay families, and international students: third-party personal liability insurance and homestay liability insurance.

Third-party liability insurance has been available to the European market for a number of years, and Canadian schools and homestay families were beginning to see a real need for this type of product in Canada. After receiving requests for a similar product, Ingle International responded by building third-party liability insurance into their international student’s existing accident and sickness policy at no extra cost.

“Personal liability insurance adds value to a student’s current health insurance policy by providing them with coverage for unexpected events that are not related to their health,” says Business Development Manager, International Student Department Monica Aguirre. “The best news is that this group of students can benefit from additional coverage without having to worry about costs going up!”

Homestay liability insurance was developed to protect families hosting international students against unexpected damages to their home, injury to their family, allegations of abuse, or other incidents. “Four years ago, a homestay organization that had observed a gap in the market asked us to create a product like this one,” explains Aguirre. “Homestay liability insurance, which nicely complements a family’s home and auto liability coverage, will be available through homestay associations and schools. Now both international students and host families can live worry free!”

CEO Robin Ingle adds, “Ingle International has been a global pioneer in the student and travel insurance industry since 1946. And, with the addition of these new products, we’re taking the lead yet again. We are the first insurance group in Canada to create a product that protects homestay families against the unexpected, and providing third-party personal liability insurance to international student groups at no extra cost demonstrates that we listen to our clients and respond to their needs.”

Ingle International’s new line of products will be available beginning April 2013.

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