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Solstice 2012: The World Didn’t End; Insurance Technology Continues to Progress

We have to confess that we waited until after the Solstice had passed this morning before we decided to set fingers to keyboard.  It seems that the doomsayers were wrong, and the 2012 solstice brings us a new beginning.

Perhaps this is a good metaphor for the world of Insurance and Technology: a few doomsayers, but continuing small victories for the optimists. seeks, through this blog, to engage you in a discussion about how technology is, and should be, used to support the business of insurance in Canada.

We started this year with our best estimation of trends in the insurance technology world.  We think we got some right, some wrong, and some we just missed. We’ll take some time over the holidays to take stock of these.

We think we see some new trends for 2013 (and beyond).  We’ll write these down as well and ask what you think.  All of this will be published after the holidays.

Right now, we just want to thank everyone who has participated in this blog.  First and foremost, we want to thank you and everyone else who drops by to spend a few minutes.  We KNOW how much media you have to choose from and are humbled by your choice of this blog for a part of your time.

We’ve had consistent growth in traffic and, more significantly, in discussion around the postings.  Some of these are comments on the blog itself but many are in other venues, especially LinkedIn groups.  Special mention here to the Canadian Insurance Broker Strategy group, moderated by Greg Purdy.

We’ve also benefited from guest contributors to the blog, including Gordon Alexander (IBM), Mark Breading (Strategy Meets Action – SMA), Karen Furtado (SMA), Bill Garvey (Eastern Shore Consulting), Catherine Kargas (MARCON), Eugene Lee (Guidewire), Greg Maciag (ACORD), and Greg Purdy (Pathway Partners).  They have shared their expertise in  articulate posts, offering an important variety of opinions and voices.

Behind the scenes, we had wonderful help from the small, but vibrant team.

We’re off now until after Chrismas.  We wish you all the best for the holidays and for 2013.

(By the way, the picture included here has no purpose except to please the Editor.  It is, of course, from the Hubble, whose keepers refer to this on their site as a ‘Holiday Snow Angel.’)