TV and social networking convergence well underway in Canada

(December, 2012) – The convergence of TV and social networking is well underway in Canada, as consumers share comments and post clips on social sites, becoming mini-ambassadors for their favorite shows. Nearly three out of 10 internet users in the country considered themselves a �social TV viewer,� according to a Q2 survey from Solutions Research Group.

But where are users doing the bulk of their social TV posting? Not surprisingly, Facebook, at 31%, beat out Twitter as the top site for posting a comment. Twitter was not far behind, though, despite its penetration disparity with the social networking giant. One-quarter of those who had posted about a TV show reported that they had done so on the microblog.

And posting social updates about TV programs is not only about the immediate engagement of users. It can have a ripple effect after the show has aired, especially with the growth of online viewing and TV streaming via over-the-top (OTT) devices. Fifteen percent of respondents said they had ultimately watched a TV show after being prompted by a tweet.

What has been slower to catch on in Canada, however, are apps like Get Glue that allow users to �check in� to shows. Only 3% of social TV viewers had actually used the Get Glue app.

Facebook penetration in Canada is expected to reach 61% of internet users by the end of the year, according to eMarketer estimates, while Twitter will hover around 25%, according to InSites Consulting. With TV and social networking becoming more entangled, the call among media entities and advertisers to drive and harness social TV will only get more insistent.

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