Unica expands LIVEasy Suite to Condominiums

Mississauga, ON (Dec. 3, 2012) – Unica Insurance is proud to announce the addition of LIVEasy™ for Condominium to its LIVEasy best-in-class program, designed to directly align with the Broker distribution channel.

“Unica focuses on the Advice Based Customer with comprehensive insurance needs and a passion for protecting their lifestyle and hard-earned assets,” states Martin Delage, President and Chief Operating Officer at Unica. “Our LIVEasy suite of products was designed specifically with these customers in mind. Developing a Condo insurance product was the next logical step to the enhancement of our LIVeasy program as we work towards having a complete suite of products.”

With the Advice Based Customer in mind, Unica focuses on delivering innovative products and services, as well as aligning itself with Brokers who share its customer-centric philosophy. In addition to the LIVEasy for Condo product, Unica has enhanced its existing Comprehensive Condominium insurance product. The combination of the two allows Unica to offer the best condo product in the market.

“Unica’s LIVEasy program is jam-packed with comprehensive and reliable insurance protection. The program covers things that other plans don’t, and offers customers choice in how to receive payments from claims,” said Dave Smiley, Vice President of Operations at Unica. “Not all insurance products are created equal. The LIVEasy value proposition is designed to meet the needs of active, busy professionals with unique insurance needs, who want to live worry free knowing that their assets are well protected.”

About Unica

Founded in 1955 and 100% Dependably Canadian, Unica Insurance Inc. is a subsidiary of La Capitale General Insurance, a major Canadian property & casualty insurer. From its head office in Mississauga, Ontario, Unica offers innovative insurance solutions to protect consumers’ homes, vehicles and businesses. Unica strongly believes in the value the broker brings to the insurance transaction and so distributes its products exclusively through a network of professional insurance brokers throughout Ontario.