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Microsoft just launched its new Windows 8 operating system, along with its new foray into the tablet arena, the Microsoft Surface. With the ever changing pace of new device and OS introductions it can be difficult to keep up. So what’s the answer? HTML5? While HTML5 is a big part of the answer for today’s solution providers, is it the complete answer? Just a few years ago, the landscape for developing a user interface included such options as Silverlight, HTML, Flash and others. Today’s the choice seems to be narrowed to HTML5. That’s a good thing for today’s solution providers, but what about 5 years from now? Will HTML5 still be the answer, or will new technologies dictate a new approach to developing tomorrow’s solutions? And how do you, the customer, ensure that you have the right answer not only for today’s solutions, but for years to come?

The answer not only lies in development technologies like HTML5, but in the solutions architecture. Today’s solutions need to be architected to be technology independent. Re-writing your solutions every 5 years is not an answer. While it may be good for the solution provider, it is not a cost effective long-term solution for the customer. Insurance providers should be looking for illustration and point-of-sale solutions that not only provide state of the art technology today, but protect their investment for years to come.

illustrate inc’s OPUS solutions with True Engine Architecture not only delivers state of the art life, wealth and health illustration and point-of-sale technology for today’s devices such as iPad, Surface and Android tablets, but it also ensures that your investment in technology today will not be wasted 5 years from now. By isolating product specific business rules, logic, rates and calculations away for the calculation, report and user interface engines, OPUS allows an easy migration path to tomorrow’s technology, without sacrificing today. You can build it once for today’s tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktops and still be ready for tomorrow’s unknown.

Technology can provide great advantages, but without the right architecture, it’s only part of the answer.

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