Outside Intelligence Forms Strategic Partnership with Opta Information Intelligence

Opta Information Intelligence, an SCM Company, and Outside Intelligence Announce Strategic Partnership to Deliver Robust Commercial Data Service to the Canadian Property and Casualty Market

Toronto (Nov. 5, 2012) – Opta Information Intelligence (Opta), the creators of iClarify services and Outside Intelligence (OIQ) have formed a partnership to deliver the largest structured and Big Data information service pertaining to commercial properties in Canada to the Canadian Insurance Industry.

Outside Intelligence provides enhanced value to clients via its cutting-edge OIQ Discovery™ Platform, which exploits machine learning and contextual profiling to discover, analyze and present unique insights from Big Data in real time.

Opta’s iClarify Commercial service contains the largest structured database pertaining to construction, occupancy, fire protection, environmental and exposure data in Canada. In addition, the service integrates claims history data powered by CGI and streetscape imagery provided by iLookabout.

“Undoubtedly, our combined capabilities will provide the most comprehensive data intelligence service in the country for commercial insurance brokers and underwriters,” states Greg McCutcheon, President of Opta Information Intelligence. “We want to work together to provide a solidified business strategy for our customers that drives efficiency and eliminates duplication of efforts. Customers now using Outside Intelligence will be able to incorporate iClarify data and those currently using iClarify will have access to the most comprehensive Big Data offering of its kind in Canada.”

“OIQ is pleased to partner with Opta to now provide our clients with access to the most comprehensive structured property data available today to enrich the insights achieved from our platform,” explains Outside Intelligence President & CEO Dan Adamson. “Clearly, providing a variety of acquisition models for clients to access the high-value business insights from both Opta and OIQ is the right approach as it puts the customer first.

Both OIQ and Opta anticipate that these efforts will result in significant productivity gains for the Canadian insurance industry as a whole.

About Opta Information Intelligence

Opta Information Intelligence provides Canada�s insurance and corporate industries with tools to manage and authenticate risk information, in turn helping them become more competitive, generate business, and gain the insight required to make profitable business decisions. Visit www.optaintel.ca to learn more.

About Outside Intelligence (OIQ)

Outside Intelligence is a Search-based Application (SBA) solutions company focused on the use of Big Data to discover and analyze risk. The firm’s proprietary technology is based on data processing innovations that allow enterprises to synthesize and interpret vast amounts of disparate and otherwise inaccessible information in a timely manner – without the need to acquire large quantities of expensive infrastructure to manage it. With Outside Intelligence, organizations discover, structure and summarize key data for strategic and operational decisions. www.outsideiq.com