CAA offers coverage for tires, home appliances

Thornhill, ON (Nov. 1, 2012) – A broken furnace, water heater or washing machine can be costly, but doesn’t have to be. Homeowners rely on so many appliances to keep their house running and don’t usually budget for breakdowns. That’s why CAA Insurance Company (Ontario) is recommending you protect yourself against expensive equipment repairs.

New this year, CAA Insurance Company (Ontario) is offering comprehensive and affordable Home Equipment Breakdown coverage which protects your appliances and electronics against mechanical, electrical or pressure-system breakdowns.

“The new coverage includes all your home’s belongings from your computer to your lawnmower to everything in between,” said Robin Joshua, Director of Corporate Underwriting & Risk Management, CAA Insurance Company (Ontario). “Extended warranty plans can be expensive, hard to manage and usually cover a single piece of equipment. Our new Home Equipment Breakdown coverage goes a step further and covers multiple items, regardless of age.”

As of November 1, 2012, CAA Insurance Company (Ontario) is the first insurance company in Canada to offer tire coverage to our customers.

Driving over a nail or losing a tire to a blowout can also set you back. If you are a CAA Home and Auto Insurance policyholder, tire coverage will be included in your home policy at renewal time. The additional coverage for tires extends past the existing manufacturer’s warranty.

“CAA Insurance continually strives to offer comprehensive products and services to both our members and customers,” added Joshua.

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