Young Drivers Speed Less with Mobiliz

Quebec City (Oct. 30, 2012) – There are still too many accidents and death due to speeding in Quebec. It is in this context that on last April 11, Industrial Alliance launched Mobiliz, a new auto insurance policy that encourages young people to adopt more responsible driving behavior by rewarding good drivers. It is a positive and promising initiative, given that 52% of young insured have already improved their driving behavior thanks to this innovative program even if some drivers have only recently got insurance with Mobiliz.

“In addition to this enviable performance of Mobiliz’s participants, it should be emphasized that the majority of them keep the pace and keep improving steadily,” said Michel Laurin, the President and CEO of operations at Industrial Alliance, Auto and Home Insurance Inc. “Currently, 70% of insured drivers have received a discount on their bill for their good driving behavior.”

Bear in mind that Mobiliz is a program that was created in order to actively contribute to improve driving behaviors. “We are really pleased with these results. They confirm that the positive reinforcement program works and it brings real behavior change among young drivers, and we are convinced, this will prevent many accidents,” added Mr. Laurin. According to him, thanks to long term solutions such as Mobiliz, the speeding plague could be greatly mitigated.

“Given that the price of insurance varies according to driver’s behavior on the road, the economic impact and driver’s accountability brought by this insurance, encourage young people to drive well,” added Mr. Yvon Charest, President and CEO of Industrial Alliance.

The business model of Mobiliz was developed to provide young people with the best premium possible. It’s important to highlight that all operating profits generated by Mobiliz are automatically reinvested in the program. It is a process of continuous improvement which adjusts to the needs and expectations expressed by the customers. It is a non-profit insurance that promotes the development of autonomy in the driver. “The Mobiliz’s ultimate goal is to save lives, it is not only an insurance program,” said Mr. Laurin. “Only six months have passed since it’s been launched, and we have already improved the insurance product based on the feedback we’ve received from our customers.”

About Mobiliz

Mobiliz is an initiative of Industrial Alliance and it was established in order to address the problem of speeding among young drivers by raising awareness of a more responsible driving behaviour. This innovative insurance program aims to actively contribute to improve driving behaviors (sharp breaking, speeding, etc.) and its development is guided by the customer himself thanks to a process of continuous improvement.

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