Unica and Keal Unveil Real-Time, Round-Trip Policy Change

Toronto, ON – October 17, 2012 – Unica Insurance and Keal Technology, a leading provider of Canadian broker management systems, is pleased to announce that real-time policy change, whereby a broker starts and ends a policy change transaction within their Broker Management System (BMS) in a fully integrated manner, is now available for Keal’s sigXP brokers. This represents a first, real-time, single-point solution to handle policy change that is completely integrated to the carrier policy administration system.

This industry first implementation uses Keal’s single entry multiple company interface (SEMCI) solution called keal connect to link Keal’s BMS sigXP and Unica’s policy system. Policy changes are made within sigXP, uploaded to Unica and integrated to the policy administration system where the policy records are updated in real-time. A review and confirmation screen is automatically displayed to the broker for final submission without additional user intervention on either end.

Katherine Evans, CFO at Unica Insurance is extremely excited about the success of this project. “We are committed to investments in technology to help our broker partners. This represents a major investment for us that will produce significant rewards. Brokers can make changes to policies from their BMS in real-time, in an easy, straight-forward manner.” She added, “We can’t wait to bring more Brokers online!”

A long-time supporter of IBAC’s Data Exchange principles, Pat Durepos, President, at Keal Technology said, “The industry has been waiting a long time for this type of truly efficient, real-time transaction that starts and ends in the BMS to become reality. Now that we’ve launched a proven model, brokers are quickly reaping the benefits. I’m confident additional carriers will be anxious to extend the same benefits Unica is now offering their broker clients.”

By continually building upon existing IT infrastructure, Unica is improving the way in which Brokers transact business and adhering to an overall ease of doing business philosophy. This real-time, BMS-based policy change solution is a huge leap forward for Unica and Keal Brokers, and the industry at large.

About Unica

Founded in 1955 and 100% Dependably Canadian®, Unica Insurance Inc. is a subsidiary of La Capitale General Insurance, a major Canadian property & casualty insurer. From its head office in Mississauga, Ontario, Unica offers innovative insurance solutions to protect consumers’ homes, vehicles and businesses. Unica strongly believes in the value the broker brings to the insurance transaction and so distributes its products exclusively through a network of professional insurance brokers throughout Ontario.

About Keal

Keal Technology is a leading software company offeringan integrated suite of management systems designed to increase revenue through efficient use of technology across all lines of business. Exclusively focussed on Canadian insurance and financial services brokers, Keal Technology is 100% Canadian, headquartered in Concord, Ontario and serves brokers in both French and English. For more information, visit www.keal.com.

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