Guidewire Celebrates Milestone in Core System Replacement Projects

Project successes reflect the efforts of customers in 10 countries, including six of whom implemented all Guidewire InsuranceSuite™ systems

Foster City, Calif., (Oct. 17, 2012) – Guidewire Software, Inc., a provider of flexible core system software to Property/Casualty (general) insurers, today announced that its customers have successfully completed more than 100 core system replacement projects, marking a milestone in the company’s history.

“We congratulate our customers on their success transforming their businesses,” said Marcus Ryu, chief executive officer, Guidewire Software. “Core system replacement projects are extremely complex undertakings requiring business vision, technical competence, and sustained management commitment. Everyone at Guidewire is very proud to have been a part of our customers’ achievements, and we look forward to extending our collaboration many years into the future.”

“Each customer and each project has taught us something – from our first claim system projects in 2003 to the full InsuranceSuite implementations we do today,” said Alex Naddaff, vice president, Professional Services, Guidewire Software. “We have been eager students along the way which has made us better at what we do. At Guidewire we get excited by the unique challenges each project brings and most importantly about how we are going to help our customers be successful. Our greatest satisfaction is the success of our customers.”

Naddaff continued, “Guidewire has numerous projects underway in countries around the world at any given time. Our Professional Services team is complemented by a strong Guidewire PartnerConnect™ alliance network of System Integrator (SI) and regional consulting partners who either lead or work with us on customer projects. Our partners have made substantial investments in their Guidewire practices. To date, more than 2,700 staff are part of SI and regional consulting partners’ Guidewire practices helping us to extend our reach and ensure that each customer receives high quality service.”

We asked our customers to share their thoughts about their experience working with Guidewire and the impact Guidewire technology has had on their companies. Here is what they had to say:

“ClaimCenter has provided us with an enabling platform to launch strategic initiatives that would not have been possible with our previous claims management application. We now have the ability to explore complementary innovative solutions that leverage the rich data and workflow capabilities in ClaimCenter.”

Richard Znidarsic, vice president, Information Services – Accident Fund (in production with Claim Center since 2010)

“The true mark of a leader is the ability to listen. Guidewire established their product offerings by listening to the challenges of the industry they were meant to serve. This customer centric approach has been and continues to be their core strength.”

Peter Moreau, vice president and chief information officer – Amica Mutual Insurance Company (an InsuranceSuite customer, in production with ClaimCenter since 2008)

“From a manager’s perspective, the program has provided improvements in workflow, document view and data collection. It’s great to have a single system manage all of the functionality that used to require multiple systems. From an I.T. perspective we believe the product is light years ahead of other enterprise level vendor software because of configurability, maintainability and overall ease of creating rules that work for us. The system is rich and we have only begun to tap into the possibilities. Thanks Guidewire and congratulations on your 100th implementation!”

Kathy Jensen, claim vice president – Bear River Mutual (in production with ClaimCenter since 2009)

“As an early Guidewire Software customer, it is our experience that Guidewire is dedicated to innovation and committed to investing in the improvement of their software. Guidewire gave us a top notch product that helps our employees be more productive and deliver a great customer experience due to the automation of previously manual tasks. We believe that Guidewire technology allows us to be more aware of the status of our claims by giving us a platform to collect, retrieve and view information efficiently for better measurement, metrics, and customer service.”

James Kauffman, senior vice president, Claims – California Casualty (in production with ClaimCenter since 2008)

“Guidewire’s ClaimCenter product has enabled Canal to bring all the touch points in working claims under one roof. Everything from integration of third-party reports, legal review, documents, automatic email integration to workflow and imaging, to configurable authority and access controls are all part of this product or easily blended in. New Claims people are brought up to speed quickly on this product and have praised it as being the best system that they have ever worked with. The database allows easy access for data warehouse needs because of its design and clarity.”

Adrian Brown, chief information officer – Canal Insurance (in production with ClaimCenter since 2004 and implementing BillingCenter)

“Our customers appreciate the payment reminders, and we have seen an improvement in reoccurring payment success. In addition, we are now able to offer a variety of payment options like online, pay by phone, and EFT payment options. These enhancements allow our customers additional flexibility to make payments and stay insured.”

Heather McKee, operations manager – Elephant Insurance Services, LLC (an InsuranceSuite customer, in production with ClaimCenter since 2009, in production with BillingCenter since 2010 and implementing PolicyCenter)

“BillingCenter is a huge success at Elephant Insurance. We were able to reduce headcount because tasks that were previously done manually are now done correctly by this system. In addition, we are able to focus on analytics which helps us to make better business decisions rather than spending our time correcting errors. What a difference this has made in our roles in Accounting and our team morale.”

Susan Gaidos, controller – Elephant Insurance Services, LLC (an InsuranceSuite customer, in production with ClaimCenter since 2009, in production with BillingCenter since 2010 and implementing PolicyCenter)

“As a start-up auto insurance company, Elephant Insurance was searching for a Claims Management System that had many features and functionality right out of the box, with limited need for enhancements or configurations. Guidewire ClaimCenter® met this need, allowing our claims organization to quickly implement a management system that supported our goals of providing fast, accurate, and efficient claims handling.”

Brian Wakefield, claims director – Elephant Insurance Services, LLC (an InsuranceSuite customer, in production with ClaimCenter since 2009, in production with BillingCenter since 2010 and implementing PolicyCenter)

“We could not be happier with Guidewire. The product and team have exceeded expectations. There is no better product on the market today that addresses Jevco’s business needs, and the knowledge and professionalism of the staff at Guidewire are second to none.”

Joe Colby, vice president, Claims – JEVCO (in production with ClaimCenter since 2011)

“Guidewire has made it easier for our customers to do business with us and has improved our operational efficiency.”

Allan Lubitz, senior vice president and chief information officer – Mercury Insurance (in production with InsuranceSuite since 2010)

“Guidewire software has helped us dramatically improve MSF’s operational insights, and provided us with previously impossible to attain levels of data granularity and accuracy for planning and strategic uses. This is one software suite where staff professionalism and strict adherence to excellent development methodology has led to quick, useful, and stable releases.”

Al Parisian, chief information officer – Montana State Fund (in production with ClaimCenter since 2006)

“We’ve done two full implementations and one major version upgrade with Guidewire, and we have always been extremely pleased with the professionalism and dedication of everyone with whom we’ve worked during these projects. We are very pleased to be Guidewire customers!”

Tim Thackaberry, chief information officer – New Mexico Mutual (in production with ClaimCenter since 2006 and with BillingCenter since 2009)

“Guidewire ClaimCenter has been a key enabler for our Claims transformation journey, helping us to modernize our claims operation, making it more efficient, more effective and helping us to provide the highest standards of customer service. We have enjoyed working with the Guidewire team, and thank them for their support and look forward to a long and productive ongoing relationship.”

Matthew Gouldstone, chief information officer – QBE Europe (in production with ClaimCenter since 2010)

“RGS and Guidewire have had a true partner relationship since 2007. During our upgrade of ClaimCenter 4.0 to ClaimCenter 6.0, RGS, with the help of the Guidewire team, accomplished the upgrade process three months ahead of schedule. This upgrade provided new functionality and better system performance to over 4,000 RGS users of ClaimCenter 6.0.”

Maria Vozhegova, chief operating officer and Board member – RGS (in production with ClaimCenter since 2007)

“Sequoia Insurance Company started using Guidewire in 2006 and have found it to have helped our claims team reduce manual complexity and replace it with what we call smart automation. We believe that the investment that we made in our tools has delivered the value we sought and are excited to continue to work with Guidewire in the future.”

David Brandeis, senior vice president/chief information officer – Strongwood Insurance Holdings, Inc. (in production with ClaimCenter since 2006)

“We have shifted the quality of service we deliver for our customers and brokers to a higher level after implementing Guidewire ClaimCenter.”

Cristiano Barbieri, chief information officer – Sul America (in production with ClaimCenter since 2009)

“Suncorp has achieved significant business benefits by moving from multiple legacy claims systems – involving 10 brands, 45 products and numerous business processes – to ClaimCenter. Having a single source of truth has allowed us to simplify workflow and document processing, reduce training, and dramatically improve the claims process from lodgement through to claims assessment and repair. This has increased customer satisfaction, and has allowed us to focus on innovation within our business rather than just operational efficiencies.”

Colin McCririck, executive manager, BT Claims – Suncorp (in production with ClaimCenter since 2007; in production with PolicyCenter since 2008)

“ClaimCenter has had a positive impact on our Claims Operations department since our go live date. The system has brought a new found vision to our company when measuring productivity amongst our claims workforce. We feel that this product has given our claims workforce the tools required for them to effectively service our internal and external customers.”

Gavin Mascarenhas, assistant vice president, Claims – The Dominion General Insurance Company of Canada (in production with ClaimCenter since 2007, implementing BillingCenter)

“In addition to the innovative changes brought to our claims processing operations on the IT front, the flexibility of Guidewire ClaimCenter, as well as its capabilities and easy to modify business rules, enabled us to respond to a fast changing environment. Guidewire’s consulting advice, which is based on numerous project successes, was insightful.”

Takashi Namiki, chief claims officer – Zurich Japan (in production with ClaimCenter since 2009)

About Guidewire Software

Guidewire Software is a provider of core system software to the global Property/Casualty (general) insurance industry. Designed to be flexible and scalable, Guidewire solutions give insurers the capability to deliver excellent service, increase market share and lower operating costs. Guidewire InsuranceSuite™, consisting of Guidewire PolicyCenter®, Guidewire ClaimCenter® and Guidewire BillingCenter® spans the key functional areas in insurance – underwriting and policy administration, claims management, and billing. Guidewire is headquartered in Foster City, California, with offices in Beijing, Dublin, Hong Kong, London, Munich, Paris, Sydney, Tokyo, and Toronto. For more information, please visit