Ingle Launches Intrepid 24/7 End-to-End Travel Assistance Solution

Toronto, ON (Oct. 11, 2012) – Robin Ingle, CEO of Ingle International and Novus Health, is pleased to announce the launch of Intrepid 24/7, the newest addition to the Ingle Group of Companies. The only true end-to-end travel, health and security assistance provider, Intrepid 24/7 addresses a major gap in the market, setting it a world apart from other services available. Offering in-house emergency medical and security assistance services to groups and individuals, Intrepid 24/7 supports the Ingle Group, its more than 5 million clients, and a growing number of organizations around the world.

Wherever you are

Intrepid 24/7 is headquartered in Canada, with offices in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, and is staffed with highly trained, multilingual assistance specialists. With medical and security networks located throughout the Americas and the world — including Afghanistan, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Djibouti, Hong Kong, India, Jordan, Malta, Mexico, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States — Intrepid 24/7 members have worldwide access to experienced health, security, and insurance professionals. Intrepid 24/7’s innovative web- and mobile-enabled services are yet another way for travellers around the world to access the health and safety resources they need.

A team of experts

Amassing over 150 years of combined managed care experience, Intrepid 24/7’s team includes Medical Director Richard Heinzl (founder of the Canadian branch of Doctors Without Borders), Director of Security and Intelligence Alan Bell (member of the British Special Forces for 22 years), VP of Business Development Marc Giguere, Head of Operations and Managed Care Raffy Karagossian, and Head of Claims Operations Laurie Gilkes. Intrepid 24/7’s experts are well equipped to handle medical emergencies and security incidents — no matter how severe or unique.

“Intrepid 24/7’s primary objective is to provide the highest level of support to travellers around the globe through clear, relevant, and timely information and via access to our global medical and security networks,” says Robin Ingle. “Our exclusive network of doctors ensures enhanced health care solutions, and our security experts provide the protection that travellers need.”

Lower costs, better service

Intrepid 24/7’s experienced Claims Department boasts a holistic approach to case management. With retrospective reviews of cases, regular audits, and in-house claims dispute resolution, client costs are mitigated and the highest quality of member service is ensured.

While other assistance providers tend to focus solely on the needs of clients experiencing an emergency mid trip, Intrepid 24/7 considers the full travel life cycle, from travel planning to trip completion. “Intrepid 24/7’s services include pre-travel medical and security screening capabilities, mid-trip emergency assistance, post-travel claims management, as well as health care and security navigation services,” says Raffy Karagossian. “We provide customized solutions for you and your clients, making a partnership with us beneficial for organizations, governments, insurers, and assistance companies alike.”

About the Ingle Group of Companies

The Ingle Group of Companies has specialized in insurance, health care, and assistance services since 1946. The Ingle Group provides customized travel insurance solutions and emergency assistance services to worldwide travellers, and helps clients navigate their health care options whether at home or abroad.

About Intrepid 24/7

Intrepid 24/7 provides worldwide medical, security, and travel assistance services to individuals, groups, and organizations. Multilingual assistance professionals provide members with support over the phone, on the web, through mobile apps, or on the ground in the event of a medical or security emergency anywhere in the world. Offering the only end-to-end assistance solution in the market, Intrepid 24/7’s representatives are always available to assist clients, from pre-departure to return home.

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