Frank Cowan Company Launches Risk Management Centre of Excellence for Specialty Insurance Sector

Princeton, ON – Frank Cowan Company is pleased to announce release of Phase Two for their innovative website, The Risk Management Centre of Excellence. The website is now available to a broader audience including healthcare, education and community and social services clients, in addition to public entity clients who participated in Phase One.

Frank Cowan Company places a high value on mitigating risk and reducing costs associated with a claim. Their approach is to enable clients to take a proactive stance on safety, awareness and risk management, and have included access to the Risk Management Centre of Excellence on all of their current accounts.

“We understand the importance of risk management. Frank Cowan Company has a dedicated team of professionals who identify and help mitigate our clients’ risk exposure issues. The Risk Management Centre of Excellence is an innovative resource where clients can stay up-to-date on current issues that may impact them from an insurance standpoint,” highlights Larry Ryan, President, Frank Cowan Company.

One of Frank Cowan Company’s key areas of expertise is risk management. The company allocates a substantial amount of effort monitoring legislation and current issues to educate clients about any potential changes in new and emerging exposures. Inspectors also perform loss control assessments and risk managers lead regional educational seminars.

While the Risk Management Centre of Excellence is available to everyone, the bulk of content in the resource library is password protected. “This allows us to share our very best material with our clients and broker partners. We’ve heard that this is differentiator in the market. No other insurer has gone to the same effort to educate their policyholders and broker partners on the importance of risk management,” says Michael Lough, Vice President, Programs, Frank Cowan Company.

“We’re very proud of the Risk Management Centre of Excellence. A lot of effort has gone into making the website something our clients and broker partners will use on a regular basis. We’ve seen it with Phase One, which was targeted to our public entity clients – once you use the site and see how it can help, you understand what a great resource it is,” adds Barb Szychta, Director, Risk Management Services, Frank Cowan Company.

Online resources such as the Risk Management Centre of Excellence enable information to be accessed and shared in boardrooms and out in the field. Tablets and mobile devices provide a quick way for information to be downloaded and applied instantly. The Centre of Excellence is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

About Frank Cowan Company

Frank Cowan Company is a Canadian leader in providing specialized insurance programs, including risk management and claims services for municipalities and public service, healthcare, education, community, children’s and social service organizations across Canada. Proven industry knowledge, gained through over 85 years of partnering with insurance companies and independent brokers, gives Frank Cowan Company the ability to effectively manage the necessary risk, advisory and claims services for both standard and complex issues.

Frank Cowan Company’s head office is located in Princeton, Ontario with a branch office in Cambridge, Ontario. Clients and broker partners receive support out of both locations. For additional information about Frank Cowan Company visit For risk management thought-leadership articles, checklists and tools visit

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