IBRI introduces Mobile App for Brokers

Toronto, Ontario — Today, the Independent Broker Resources Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of
the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) announced the launch of its new mobile
application: The Insurance Companion.

This smartphone app, available on Android, iPhone and Blackberry operating systems will now
allow an insurance brokerage to build their own mobile application for their clients in the most
efficient and inexpensive manner.

The app, promoted to the broker’s clients, will provide easy access to the brokerage contact details
as well as a functionality to allow the customer to report a claim from their phone in the event of
an accident or loss. Also included is a simple home inventory tool which clients can use to take
pictures of their possessions and quickly notify their broker should they purchase any new and/or
expensive items. These notifications will ensure that in the event that additional insurance is
required by the client, the broker and client can discuss the item and coverage needed.

A client’s smartphone camera and email functionality make it a natural extension of traditional
claims reporting and communication tools for better client – broker communication.

“We’re very excited to be delivering this application to the insurance broker community,” said
Paul Taylor, Vice President of IBRI. “It allows brokers to invite their clients to download their
own, unique application, branded to the brokerage, without having to spend a fortune on their
individual development costs. Consumers will also have a new way to communicate with their
own chosen insurance professional. We’re excited to be able to support the preeminent choice of
insurance providers in Canada, the insurance broker.”

For information related to the application and its functionality, or to purchase the mobile app for
your brokerage, contact Asima Zahid by phone at 416-488-7422 or by e-mail azahid@ibao.on.ca.

About Independent Broker Resources Inc.

Independent Broker Resources Inc. is a corporation focused on providing products and services to support the
independent property casualty insurance broker and their related business partners in Canada. For more information
regarding their product offerings, call Paul Taylor, Vice President at 416-488-7422 or email him at ptaylor@ibri.ca.

About The Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario

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