CLIFE releases course on How to Protect Yourself from Financial Fraud

Prevent Financial Fraud

Richmond Hill, Ontario (September 13, 2012) – CLIFE, the Centre for Life Insurance and Financial Education, a provider of on-line and on-demand accredited continuing education (CE) for life licensees and financial planners, is proud to announce the release of their newest course, Financial Fraud: How to Protect Yourself, Your Clients, and Your Business from Financial Fraud.

This comprehensive course has been described by a member of the banking industry as “excellent.” Written for Canadian financial advisors and agents, it covers the gamut of information about fraud including how advisors are targeted, the catalogue of crimes, how to prevent financial fraud, what a victim must do, and legislation.

Susan Yates, Co-Founder of CLIFE, noted, �This course is badly needed. It seems like almost every day a story is published about another successful fraud and the millions of dollars investors lose. Every person needs to understand fraud in order to recognize phishing, vishing, smshing and to stop identity theft. It is essential for advisors to understand how they expose themselves to fraudsters when they use their mobile devices. We hope the financial services industry will champion the cause of fraud prevention by getting the word out about the course.�

Financial Fraud goes beyond theory and generalities by providing practical advice, such as how to set a secure password, how to recognize fraud in the workplace, and how the elderly are best protected.

Financial Fraud is available now from as a pdf file for easy printing and reading. CLIFE can also provide the course as a seminar and in extracts for use with at-risk clients.


CLIFE Incorporated, the Centre for Life Insurance and Financial Education, provides continuing education for life agents and financial planners. CLIFE CE courses are accredited according to provincial requirements, the Financial Planning Standards Council, and the Institute (ADVOCIS).