Coverage2go: Health Protection from Equitable Life for When Things Change

September, 2009 – Canadians place a high level of importance on the Group Benefits they have as part of their employment package. In fact, according to the 2012 Sanofi Canada Healthcare Survey, 63 percent of employees surveyed said that they think more positively of their employer because of their health benefit plan. So, what happens when something changes and an employee is no longer eligible for their employer sponsored health benefit?

“Coverage2go™ allows employees to enjoy individual health protection that works like the coverage they recently had through the workplace,” says Karen Mason, Senior Vice President, Group – Equitable Life of Canada®. “Canadians place a high value on the protection afforded by Group Benefits coverage and Coverage2go can fill a gap in an individual’s insurance needs when they are no longer eligible for employer sponsored benefits.”

Coverage2go offers affordable, reliable health coverage and is available to anyone who had health coverage under a Canadian Group Benefits Plan within the 60 days immediately prior to submitting a Coverage2go application to Equitable Life.

“Regardless of the reason that someone no longer has group health coverage, Coverage2go can help and regardless of whether or not they were an Equitable Life Plan Member, Coverage2go can help Canadians protect their health, their families and their financial future,” adds Mike Smiley, Assistant Vice President – Group Sales, Western Canada. “Coverage2go is just the latest example of our recent responses to the changing insurance needs of Canadians and addresses changes in their employment status and Group Benefits eligibility.”

In fact, change is what triggers an individual’s need for Coverage2go.

“Canadians change employment, retire when expected, or in some cases earlier,” says Mason. “Coverage2go can provide health and dental coverage to those for whom a change means a loss of group coverage.”

According to the recent Sanofi survey, only 51 percent of survey participants expect continued access to employer health benefits after retirement. This will have an important impact on the baby boomer generation that is just starting to retire.

“Coverage2go can benefit baby boomers facing retirement without the Group Benefits they have become accustomed to,” says Smiley. “It is also designed to meet the needs of any Canadian who has recently lost their Group Benefits coverage and needs health protection to go.”

Anyone under the age of 75 who was recently covered for health and/or dental coverage can now visit and use an online Coverage2go Quote Calculator to see just how affordable individual health coverage can be through Equitable Life of Canada.

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