SCM Insurance Services Launches New Company, Opta, in Response to Increased Demand for More Information Solutions

Toronto, ON (Sept. 5, 2012) — SCM Insurance Services (SCM), the company behind some of the insurance and risk industry’s most powerful information and valuation solutions, has announced today the launch of Opta Information Intelligence (Opta), a company that will be dedicated to helping Canada’s insurance and corporate risk industries turn information into profitable business intelligence.

Opta possesses the most comprehensive structured risk information property databases in Canada. The new organization will not only provide underwriters, brokers, corporate risk managers, and municipalities with access to valuable risk information, but also with proprietary tools and technology to help them harness, analyze, and convert that information into business knowledge. Staffed with a team of more than thirty full-time software developers, Opta will also offer customized IT and software solutions for a variety of insurance and risk-related needs.

Formerly the Information and Analytics Division of SCM Risk Management Services (RMS) and the SCMTech software division of SCM, Opta’s roster of products and services include well-known industry favorites such as iClarify Residential and iClarify Commercial, Fire Underwriters’ Survey (FUS), HEIRS, X-Rate, and others. “As a full-fledged company, we will focus resources on research and development for new products,” shares Greg McCutcheon, who will serve as President for both Opta and RMS.

“Our team is highly innovative, information-focused, and possesses a wealth of insurance knowledge,” shares Colin Smith, Opta’s Senior Vice President of Operations. “What unites all of our products and services is the ability to help drive profitable growth for our clients by creating business value from information.”

When iClarify was released two years ago, it was already endorsed by provincial broker associations, and today iClarify is used by the vast majority of insurance companies, brokers, and agents in their sales and underwriting processes. FUS is currently in use by over 90% of property and casualty insurers and is the sole provider of municipal fire grades in the country. “Our clients are telling us that the information we provide them with helps them make well-informed decisions about risk, and they want more. The creation of Opta confirms our commitment to providing our clients with information and analytics that have become integral to P&C profitability” confirms McCutcheon.

About Opta

Opta will focus its resources on providing dedicated customer service, continued research and development, and ongoing enhancement of current offerings. Clients can look forward to new innovations and custom IT solutions from a highly consultative team. Users of Opta’s current products can continue to expect excellent customer service, and can now access the online login pages via Opta’s website:

Opta Information Intelligence provides Canada’s insurance and corporate industries with tools to manage and authenticate risk information, in turn helping them become more competitive, generate business, and gain the insight required to make profitable business decisions. Visit to learn more.

About SCM Insurance Services

SCM Insurance Services has been servicing Canada’s insurance and corporate industries for the past twenty-five years. As a privately-owned provider of claims and risk management, investigative and security services, independent medical evaluations, and risk intelligence, SCM has distinguished itself through innovative technology, expert staff, and solid customer service. Visit for more information.

About SCM Risk Management Services

SCM Risk Management Services is the largest risk inspection company in Canada and the only risk inspection company that is truly national in scope. With decades of experience and an expert team of loss control specialists, appraisers, valuation professionals, and risk managers, RMS provides a broad selection of products and services to insurance and corporate industries. Visit to learn more.

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