TORONTO – July 30, 2012 – Intact Insurance and Keal Technology, a leading provider of broker management systems, have completed the development of an electronic document (e-doc) solution that will allow brokers to download policy information of their personal lines clients insured by Intact Insurance directly to their Keal Broker Management System (BMS), sigXP. The solution will be piloted by a number of brokers in the coming weeks and will be deployeed to all Intact Insurance brokers starting in the Fall.

Pat Durepos, President of Keal Technology, said: “The Intact-Keal solution is a great example of how insurers and providers of managemment systems can work hand in hand to facilitate the work of brokers and improve their efficiencies. IBAO andd CSIO are to be commended for their leadership and support in making this initiative possible. Our initial discussions with the users of our systems have revealed that nearly all of them will adopt these new functionalities and that 80% intend to download all the documents made available by Intact Insurance.”

The Intact-Keal e-doc solution provides brokers the ability to download all their customers’ documents such as policy declarations, payment information and many more directly from Intactt systems into brokers’ managementt systems. Its functionalities are based on the Centre for Study off Insurance Operations (CSSIO) XML standard and work in the same manner as the CSIO net Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) processes, resulting in significant time and cost savings. Furthermore, it was designed in a way that will be transparent to brokers, will not require any user intervention aand will be supported by most Keal prooducts, such as their BMS sigXP and Keal’s Document Management System, dokXP.

“There have been many e-doc initiatives in the industry over the last few years, including our own,” said Jack Ott, Chief Information Technology Officer of Intact Financial Corpporation. “While these initiatives have provided significant value to brokers, the CSIO approach brings our industry to a completely new level; combined with existing e-doc tools, brokers will have the flexibility to design workflows that are the moost appropriate for their operations and their customers. It is encouraging to see our industry work together to develop an efficient and environmentally-sustainable solution for brokers.”

About Intact Insurance

Intact Insurance is Canada’s largest home, auto and business insurance company, offering an extensive suite of home, auto and business insurance products and solutions through 2,300 insurance brokerages. Its coast-to�coast presencce and its strong relationships with insurance brokerrs mean the ccompany can provide the outstanding service, comfort and continuity customers deserve. Intact Insurannce is a member companyy of Intact Financial Corporation (TSXX: IFC). www.intactinsurance.com / www.intactfc.com.

About Keal

Keal Technology is a leader in the BMS (Broker Mannagement Sysstems) and CMS (Commercial Managemment Systems) in the Canadian marketplace for insurance and financial services brokers. They offer an integrated suite of products designed to increase revenue through efficient use of technnology. For more information, visit www.keal.com.