Ontario drivers confused about stolen vehicle coverage

Jul 06, 2012 – Canadians are concerned about having their car stolen, but according to a new survey, many don’t know what to do in the even that they become a victim and some are engaging in behaviour that might make their vehicle more attractive to thieves.

The survey, conducted on behalf of LoJack Canada, the distributor of Boomerang and now LoJack brands vehicle recovery systems, found that more than one-in-three Ontario drivers are concerned about having their car stolen, and 10 percent say they’ve already been a victim. Still, 44 percent of Ontarians admit to having parked their car and leaving it unlocked. Leaving the car unattended with the keys in the ignition and the engine running is an invitation to theft but 24 percent of Ontarians responded that they have done just that.

The LoJack survey found that many Ontario drivers (64 percent) believe that their insurance company covers them entirely in the event of vehicle theft.

“Unfortunately, this is not the case, as theft can cost the victim an average of $2,500 in out-of-pocket expenses alone, even if they have vehicle replacement insurance,” said a LoJack statement.

Theft prevention is a consideration when purchasing a vehicle, with nearly 60 percent of Ontarians saying safety and security features help them to make a decision on which vehicle to buy. But while these features may help some, their use on the roads is still relatively low. The LoJack survey found that while 81 percent of drivers are aware that security devices and systems for tracking and recovering stolen vehicles exist, only 10 percent of Ontario vehicle owners actually use a tracking system. Of all vehicles stolen in Ontario, 86 percent were not equipped with an anti-theft or vehicle tracking system.

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