CAA: Your guide to travelling with kids

THORNHILL, ON, July 5, 2012 – Summer is the highly anticipated season for family travel, but travelling with kids doesn’t always feel like a vacation.

“A smooth and stress-free vacation begins well before you board the plane,” said Silvana Aceto, Media & PR Specialist, CAA South Central Ontario (CAA SCO). “The key is being prepared.”

  • Arrive early at the airport
  • Ask to be placed near an empty seat, if possible
  • Bring books, games and toys to entertain your child in the terminal and during the flight
  • Take advantage of pre-boarding offers to give you a few extra minutes to get your kids settled in their seats and bags stowed away

“Travelling without proper documentation for children can complicate or ruin your travel plans,” added Aceto.

Remember to take the correct travel documents. Whether alone or accompanied by an adult, each child travelling abroad must have a valid passport and may also require supporting documentation such as:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Any legal documents pertaining to custody
  • A parental consent letter if child is travelling with one parent, without either parent or alone
  • Any status documents from Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Prior to any travel with a child, parents should contact the embassy or consulate of all countries their child will be visiting to inquire about entry and exit requirements.

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