IBC offers tips to Canadians for a safe summer

TORONTO, June 27, 2012 – As the temperatures rise and vacations beckon, Insurance Bureau of Canada reminds Canadians to stay safe this holiday weekend and all summer with a few easy-to-follow tips.

“As Canadians head out for cottage country, campgrounds and other vacation destinations there are a number of safety risks you could face. This is why it’s important to review a few simple safety tips with your loved ones each year,” says Ralph Palumbo, Vice President, Ontario with IBC.

Here are some safety tips for ensuring your summer is worry-free:

On the roads:

  • Always have a designated driver. Impaired driving is a serious danger to public safety as alcohol and drugs can reduce a driver’s reaction times and attention to the road.
  • Avoid driver distractions. Distracted drivers can be just as impaired as drunk drivers.
  • Ensure proper use of seat belts, child car seats and booster seats at all times.
  • Obey the rules of the road, respect posted speed limits, the rights of other drivers and drive according to road conditions.
  • If you’re experiencing driver fatigue pull off the road to a safe spot and have a nap as driving while drowsy can be just as fatal as impaired driving.

On the water:

  • Supervise children at all times.
  • Boat sober, “don’t booze and cruise” on the water.
  • When swimming be aware of your limitations. Don’t go beyond your ability.
  • When in, on and around water, have everyone try on their lifejacket to see that it still fits and that all the zippers and buckles are in good working order. Lifejackets save lives.
  • Think before you dive. Ensure water depth is at least 10 feet deep. Remember the depth of lakes or oceans can change due to tides or seasons.

Firework safety:

  • Only adults (18 years or over) should handle the fireworks. Do not handle them if you are impaired (alcohol or drugs).
  • Read all the instructions and warnings on each firework item.
  • Wear protective eye glasses and gloves. Light at arm’s length and then stand back.
  • Fireworks should be disposed of safely and properly. Once the show is over, wait 30 minutes to let the materials cool down and then inspect the area to ensure there are no remaining unlit fireworks. Clean up all remains and let them sit overnight before disposing of it in the morning.

(Sources: Insurance Bureau of Canada, Canada Safety Council, Canadian Red Cross, and Lifesaving Society)

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