Aviva rolls out new portfolio transfer solution

Aviva Canada works with iter8 to complete broker portfolio transfer

June 2012: iter8, an insurance solutions software developer, is pleased to announce that Aviva Canada (Aviva) has rolled out broker portfolio transfer using communic8, the iter8 broker connectivity solution. The solution will reduce the time and effort necessary for a broker when a book of business is transferred to Aviva.

Aviva is committed to providing its brokers with overall ease of doing business, and is investing in technology solutions to facilitate broker � Aviva integration. Aviva has been using the communic8 platform for over eight years for both CSIO EDI downloads and real-time comparative rater integration. The strong performance of communic8 and the strong support from iter8 led them to expand the role of communic8 into broker portfolio transfer.

Policies within the Broker Management System can be flagged for upload and then transported to Aviva via CSIO. communic8 seizes the information and populates core systems at Aviva.

“This represents another concrete step towards ensuring our brokers are provided with a broad range of technologies to help them and help Aviva serve current and prospective customers,” said Greg Somerville, Aviva’s Executive Vice President, Broker Distribution. He added, “Historically, portfolio transfer has been a manual, labour intensive, time-consuming process for our brokers, and we’re pleased to be able to change that.”

The project has undergone extensive testing with several Aviva brokers, and will be extended to all brokers who can utilize this service. The business development team at Aviva will work with the broker channel to apply this solution, focusing on the leading broker management systems.

Phil Henville, Vice President of Product development at iter8 stated, “Enhanced portfolio transfer is designed to use communic8 to automate and extend the book evaluation tools for Aviva. It demonstrates Aviva’s strong commitment to invest in their broker partners.”

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