Deloitte: A critical asset which is underutilized: DATA

As an industry that has always relied on the targeted collection, scientific analysis and predictive value of data, the insurance industry should be left-lane and leading on the information superhighway, using that data to drive value across the organization. Deloitte experience suggests however, that insurance companies rarely leverage the full extent of their collected data to drive value in other organizational areas. Too often, key data remains siloed in different functions and business lines, largely inaccessible and unutilized.

Your data, however, is your competitive edge. It’s unique to your organization and – if effectively analyzed – can provide you with predictive insight no one else has. Intelligent analytics applications provide enormous opportunities for efficiency gains, better operational decisions, loss reduction, better customer and broker management and growth – all of which apply specifically to your organization because they derive directly from your data. You simply need organizational focus and commitment to extract and leverage that data, as well as the right analytical tools and processes to generate actionable strategic results. Learn how to harness your existing data sets to drive competitive advantage and build an effective analytics foundation for your business that can be applied to various insurance-specific issues and challenges.

Read “Data is an insurer�s critical asset“.

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