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This article was originally published in Canadian Underwriter January 2012 and is republished with the permission of the publisher.

The economic landscape for Canadian property and casualty insurers has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. The industry has experienced unprecedented consolidation and increased competitive pressures. The Top 10 property and casualty insurers in Canada controlled almost 60% of the market share in 2010. As a result of these pressures, in an effort to find a competitive edge, insurers have been compelled to develop innovative, more cost-effective methods to deliver insurance services and value to their clients. These efforts have extended to their suppliers and vendors, which have also had to adopt more innovative and responsive strategies to maintain market share. However, law firms, the insurance industry�s most significant supplier of services, have been largely resistant to this trend.


For much of its long and storied history, the legal profession in Canada has been somewhat immune from the economic pressures that have buffeted and shaped the commercial and insurance landscape. Its status as a licensed monopoly, among other reasons, has permitted it to at least partially escape the impact of rapid technological advances as well as the pricing pressures from Asia and other emerging economies that have had such a profound impact on commerce in this country and abroad. Nonetheless, like any service industry, law firms are now having to accommodate the demands of their clients, who are looking to retain counsel in the same way they procure other goods and services � i.e. through the use of sound commercial procurement practices geared toward reducing cost and increasing value.

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