PCI Debunks Common Hurricane Season Safety Myths

May 14, 2012 – CHICAGO – Home, auto and business insurers are working to educate policyholders in hurricane-prone areas about some of the more common myths surrounding hurricane season safety.

Today, PCI continues its efforts to raise awareness what home and business owners can take to prepare for hurricane season. “Blowing Away The Myths” addresses four common myths about what individuals should do immediately prior to or during a storm. First, it is incorrect that opening windows during a storm can reduce the air pressure. Second, it is untrue that one need only protect openings that face the direction of a storm. Third, taping windows does not prevent breakage. And finally, it is absolutely not safe to venture outside as the eye of the storm passes over. PCI’s brochure lists these common myths and provides accurate information to debunk them.

The “Blowing Away The Myths” brochure can be found online at: http://www.pciaa.net/web/sitehome.nsf/lcpublic/431/$file/Myths.pdf.

Each week between now and the June 1st start of hurricane season, PCI will issue a different brochure containing ideas for home and business owners on how to mitigate their storm risks. Some of the topics include: mitigation techniques and ideas, do-it-yourself inspections, a guide to insurance coverage, and basic steps to take before and after a storm.

The first brochure, “The Seven Ways To Safety,” discusses the seven most important features that home and business owners should inspect to ensure that their structures are wind-resistant. These include: roof-deck attachment, secondary water barrier, roof covering, gable end bracing, foundation-wall-roof connections, opening protection and garage doors. This first brochure can be found on the Web at: www.pciaa.net/web/sitehome.nsf/lcpublic/431/$file/7_ways.pdf.

The second brochure, “A Do-It-Yourself Wind Inspection,” provides detailed information on the three key steps involved: inspecting roof shape, inspecting roofing, and inspecting windows, doors and garage doors. It can be found online at: http://www.pciaa.net/web/sitehome.nsf/lcpublic/438/$file/DIY_042612.pdf.

The third brochure, “Three Ways In Three Days,” provides three simple and effective storm-proofing techniques that can easily be done in a weekend. They include: picking up items that could become wind-borne debris, trimming trees and using a caulking gun to adhere trusses to roof decking. It can be found online at: http://www.pciaa.net/web/sitehome.nsf/lcpublic/438/$file/3_Ways_050312.pdf.

The fourth brochure, “Insurance Coverage,” defines key terms such as deductibles, actual cash value, replacement cost coverage, functional replacement cost and also reiterates that flood damages are not covered under standard homeowners policies. It can be found online at: http://www.pciaa.net/web/sitehome.nsf/lcpublic/431/$file/Insurance_Coverage.pdf.

About PCI

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