Not all Configuration Tools are Created Equal, by Heather Peacock, OneShield

Today it is a given that all modern core systems are configurable. In 2012, let’s get back to what configuration can mean for your business. With the right technology partner and system in place, configuration can take you to the next level.

To take advantage of what configuration can offer in reducing operational costs, you must go beyond the functional areas – rates, rules, form and product definitions – to higher levels like workload management, system-wide workflow, policy lifecycle, partner and customer management and more.

Look for things like:

  • are the components metadata-driven
  • can changes be made via a configuration tool
  • can new objects be added to the database directly
  • and more

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Heather Peacock is the executive vice president of client delivery and services for OneShield, Inc. She can be reached for further insights and comment via email at [email protected].

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