CLIFE – Better Continuing Education (CE) Available for Life Licensees and Financial Planners

Richmond Hill, ON (May 1, 2012) — CLIFE, the Centre For Life Insurance And Financial Education, a provider of on-line and on-demand accredited continuing education (CE) for life licensees and financial planners, is proud to announce the release of their CE catalogue of online and print courses. The courses present content that is up-to-date and fresh in areas like Compliance, Long-term Care Insurance, Ethics, and Estate Planning.

CLIFE gives agents and planners a way to meet the challenge of accessing high-quality continuing education, tailored to their needs and in line with industry developments, by providing a series of one-hour video sessions, available 24/7, delivered by industry specialists on a range of important topics in addition to a 12-credit print course. The emphasis is on quality; CLIFE is set apart by aiming high.

“CLIFE was started on a simple principle — to provide life licensees and financial planners, no matter where they are located, with access to the highest calibre CE on their schedule. That’s why we decided to provide online CE videos that feature industry leaders addressing relevant issues of the day,” states Susan Yates, a founder of CLIFE. “Our videos make continuing education easy for advisors who value their time. They provide a better learning experience and because each can be viewed on an office or home computer—or a tablet, they fit in to the busy schedule of these professionals. Individual advisors can watch courses alone or join with colleagues in offices that organize in-house CE around the videos to save the expense and trouble of bringing in speakers.”

Speakers to date include J-P Bernier of the CLHIA, and life insurance expert Sam Albanese. J-P commented that, “There is a need for life agents across Canada to make use of all videos you will be making available to them.”

Sam added, “The reason I delivered a CLIFE CE course is because I want to be part of a better learning experience for advisors. CLIFE CE combines convenience with valuable content.”

The CLIFE approach provides a tremendous opportunity for agents/advisors — the ability to stay on top of their industry, to gain valued CE credits with record ease, and to ensure they remain compliant in a shifting sea of regulations.


CLIFE Incorporated is the Centre for Life Insurance and Financial Education, and is a provider of continuing education for life agents and financial planners, and the LLQP Dictionary for LLQP students. The company also makes financial literacy whitepapers available to advisors and their clients. CLIFE CE courses are accredited according to provincial requirements. (