Capgemini: Differentiating For Competitive Advantage in the Business of Risk

While property and casualty insurance is by definition the business of risk, in recent years the industry has faced unprecedented market issues. Between stiffer competition, rising costs, reduced investment income, fleeting customer loyalty, and slowing premium growth, insurers are challenged to protect profitability and grow premiums. In this environment, insurers need to respond quickly to changing business conditions to achieve a competitive edge.

Strong policy processing capabilities can bring Insurers this advantage. In fact robust policy processing can provide a stable and reliable operating platform from which insurers can build business agility, and create marketleading business capabilities�the fundamental pre-requisites for brand differentiation in today�s marketplace.

Core policy processing systems play a central role in enabling the business capabilities that differentiate leading insurers: Customer service, product management, underwriting, billing, and other critical areas. Yet the complexity and age of these systems can make creating agility and responsiveness a challenge.

However, a vanguard of leading insurers is tackling such issues by overhauling their core policy processing systems to establish the market-leading capabilities that their businesses demand.

Capgemini believes the best way to address the policy processing technology challenge is to take a business-driven approach to core policy transformation that ensures business outcomes are achieved and targeted benefits are realized.

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