eMarketer – Canada Hits Smartphone User Milestone

Smartphone users to pass 10 million in 2012 as penetration rate moves closer to 50%

MARCH 26, 2012 – Smartphones have irreversibly changed people’s mobile habits and how marketers interact with them. eMarketer expects that smartphones will continue to grow in popularity worldwide, and Canada, which will pass 10 million smartphone users this year, is no exception.

In March 2012, eMarketer forecast that Canada will rival the US in smartphone users as a percentage of mobile phone users in 2012, at 46% vs. 47.7%, respectively. When it comes to total users, however, the numbers are a bit more lopsided: Canada, a much smaller country by total population, will have 10.5 million smartphone users in 2012, compared to 115.8 million in the US.

Smartphone Users in Canada, 2009-2016 (millions and % of mobile phone users)

comScore estimates that 45% of mobile phone users in Canada used a smartphone in December 2011, a 5-percentage-point increase over September 2011.

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