SSQauto launches its brand new Kilo Program™

Insured clients will now pay only for the distance they drive

QUEBEC, Feb. 28, 2012 – SSQauto is launching its brand new Kilo Program, a custom rates method that offers consumers auto insurance premiums based on an estimate of how much they drive. If the insured client’s annual driving distance changes, the Kilo Program will be adjusted. This program is intended for all types of clients who drive a passenger vehicle, whether they drive occasionally, a lot or all the time.

In a market that has seen few changes over the years and which is regulated by legislation, the Kilo Program represents a step towards a service offer adapted to the driving habits of Quebecers.

A distinct SSQauto approach

In the United States and Europe, some insurance companies use this method of setting car insurance rates but require the installation of an electronic tracking device in the vehicle. This type of device not only tracks the distance driven but it also keeps track of the times the car is on the road and such driver behaviour as the sudden usage of breaks.

SSQauto has chosen to let its insured clients estimate their own annual driving distance. “This program is a perfect reflection of our corporate slogan We thrive on mutual trust” said Mr. Gilles Mourette, Chief Executive Officer of SSQauto. “Our general insurance agents and our on-line insurance quote service will assist our clients in assessing their annual driving distance as part of this new program,” he concluded.

The Kilo Program will be the subject of a multi-platform marketing campaign, as a continuation of the one released in 2011.

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