Frank Cowan Company: New Insurance Program for Healthcare Organizations & Professionals

CAMBRIDGE, February 21, 2012 – Frank Cowan Company, a leader in Canadian municipal, healthcare, education and community service insurance solutions, reveals a new insurance program for healthcare organizations and professionals called Health & Wellness.

Frank Cowan Company strongly believes in protecting those who are dedicated to helping others with products that respond to their specific needs.

“We understand that a one-size-fits-all policy is of little use to healthcare professionals. The Health & Wellness program extends to areas where standard coverage stops. This program truly acts in the best interest of the healthcare professional – whether they work in family healthcare, counselling or a support setting – they will receive tailored insurance protection designed for their demanding work environment”, says Michael Lough, Vice President, Programs, Frank Cowan Company.

Due to the inherent nature of their profession, healthcare workers are exposed to extraordinary risks and challenges on a daily basis. Frank Cowan Company’s Health & Wellness program steps in to provide coverage where needed so they can focus on their job, not their liability exposure.

The Health & Wellness program distinguishes itself from others in the market by offering:

  • No General Liability Annual Aggregate
  • Abuse Coverage
  • Medical Malpractice Coverage
  • Workplace Disruption (Pandemic Insurance) Coverage
  • Computer Violation (Data Breach Insurance)
  • Legal Expense including the Criminal Code
  • Multi-Line Package Policy

In addition to receiving a superior product, organizations choosing the Health & Wellness program also benefit from Frank Cowan Company’s superior Risk Management expertise. This service allows clients to minimize their risk exposures and prevent incidents. The patient receives better care and the organization knows they are doing all they can to mitigate risk.

Frank Cowan Company distributes the Health & Wellness program and all of their products through insurance brokers across Canada.

About Frank Cowan Company

Frank Cowan Company is a Canadian leader in providing insurance and risk management
solutions for municipalities and other public entities in markets where they have specialized expertise. Proven industry knowledge, gained through over 85 years of partnering with insurance companies, local brokers and clients, gives Frank Cowan Company the ability to effectively handle the necessary risk analysis, claims services, advisory and ongoing management for both standard and complex client situations. For more information on Frank Cowan Company, please visit