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Insurance Telematics In Canada: Poll Will Offer Opinions; Panel Will Offer Knowledge

Is Canada poised to jump onto the telematics train for insurance?  Insurance-Canada is approaching this question on two levels.  First, a poll is underway  to get a sense of levels of interest.  Second, a panel is preparing to offer expert knowledge on the subject at the 2012 Insurance-Canada Technology Conference.

We have written here about the progress that Telematics applications – including pay-as-you-drive  schemes – are making in various parts of the world including the US, Europe, and the UK. We have suggested that Telematics is one of the trends to watch in 2012.  We haven’t written much on Canada simply because we were only seeing some stirrings behind the scenes.  Recently, Insurance-Canada launched an on-line poll to test that assumption.

The short poll was opened on February 2, 2012 and is available here.  It will close on February 10th.  We’re looking forward to your comments.  Already, a good number of your colleagues have expressed their opinions, with respondents primarily in the practitioner ranks, split roughly equally between distributors and insurance carriers. We will feature results from the poll here shortly after it closes.

(As an aside, we did have an interesting response from a broker who believes that we are asking the wrong question.  We are checking to see if he will elaborate.)

Also, the 2012 Insurance-Canada Technology Conference will feature a number of sessions on mobile technology generally, 2012 Technology Conferenceand one session entitled Telematics: Learning to Drive in the New Landscape will feature an expert panel which will describe the current implementations and how Telematics may evolve in Canada.

We’d welcome you to participate in the poll, attend the conference, and comment here.  Preferably, all of the above.