Telematics Update Webinar � How to Take Insurance Telematics Mass Market with Customer Friendly Solutions

Telematics Update has announced that free registration is now open for the exclusive Webinar: How to take insurance telematics mass market with customer friendly solutions.

It will discuss the successful business cases, regulations and the recent technological developments that will lead to the mass adoption of insurance services.

The interactive event brought to you by Telematics Update will be held on Thursday 1st March at 11am-12pm GMT and is now open to the entire insurance telematics community!

As of December 2012 insurers will be prohibited from using gender as a rating factor in motor insurance.

It is possible that other long established rating factors will also change, such as age and property location.

Vehicle telematics therefore offers an opportunity to individuals to be assessed on a case by case basis, rather than be categorized by gender, age and location.

The regulations above, as well as technological advancements, customization of products and driver profiling are already altering the insurance telematics market.

Understanding how insurers, automakers, the government and tier one technology suppliers visualize their business model, technology and strategy developments in this field is critical for companies to design products and timelines in-line with current trends.

To explore these changes in the insurance telematics industry, Telematics Update has organised a live free webinar entitled How to take insurance telematics mass market with customer friendly solutions

The 45 minute session includes live Q & A’s and will be delivered by key industry figures including:

Manjit Rana, Founder, Ingenin (Ex AXA)

Paul Stacy, IT & Innovations Director, Wunelli, and

Andrew Price, Practice Leader Motor Fleet, Zurich Insurance

The experts will:

  • Explore insurers’ top priorities such as quantifying risks, reducing privacy concerns and working within regulatory parameters to simplify pricing policies
  • Learn how apps on smartphones and PNDs will help insurers offer customers a simpler UBI solution and use recent data to build multi-platform solutions
  • Assess how to develop an interactive customer feedback system which will utilise both cloud-based and USB-enabled data to build easily accessible and cost-friendly solutions

The webinar offers a chance to understand how some of the most successful insurance telematics players are viewing the future development, innovation in technology, growth of the market and the move towards mass market penetration.

More than that, the opportunity to ask questions directly to industry thought-leaders for first-hand answers is here. The webinar can be joined for free at (places are limited, so register early).

For more information about how a webinar works, go to:

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