Gowlings’ XClaim™ Portfolio Claims Management system featured in Canadian Lawyer

Dec. 20, 2011 – In the December edition of Canadian Lawyer, Gowlings professionals Louis Frapporti and Ralph D’Angelo discuss the success of the firm’s XClaim™ platform, a portfolio claims management system that allows clients to remotely view and track the progress of their files in real time via a secure portal. In addition, clients are able to generate their own reports from the system, rather than having to ask the external legal team for information, and benefit from receiving XClaim-related services for a fixed rate.

“The goal [with XClaim] is to attempt to do everything – every aspect of a file, from the documentary production and correspondence to what would normally be memos to file – [digitally],” said Frapporti, a commercial litigator in Gowlings’ Hamilton office.

Transparency is also key to the success of the XClaim service, allowing professionals to work “collaboratively with the client.” Frapporti added, “[clients] essentially see everything we see. It’s as if the client is actually in our offices, or we’re in theirs, that was a key part of this idea of transparency.”

D’Angelo, senior counsel in the firm’s Hamilton office, moved from the insurance industry to become national manager of the XClaim portal. He explains that while insurance companies are already using their own programs similar to XClaim, issues arise when files go to external providers. “There’s that level of transparency that has developed within the insurance industry, in terms of their usual service providers, except lawyers. Once the file goes out to an external legal counsel, it’s like it disappears into a black hole,” said D’Angelo. “They lose that control and what we’re doing here [with XClaim] is we’re giving them that sense of control again into the litigation stage.”

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