More than 70 million drivers in the U.S. could qualify for significant car insurance savings, based on findings of new survey conducted by Harris Interactive and released by Progressive

Millions of drivers paying more than they need to, could save with usage-based insurance programs like Snapshot®

MAYFIELD VILLAGE, Ohio – December 8 , 2011 – More than 70 million* drivers in the U.S. potentially are leaving car insurance savings on the table, according to the findings of a new survey released today by Progressive® Insurance (NYSE: PGR). The survey questions, commissioned by Progressive and asked by Harris Interactive, were designed to estimate the potential number of people who could save on car insurance. Harris conducted the telephone survey among 1,003 U.S. adults in August, with results weighted to reflect the U.S. adult population.

Snapshot device package.

This cool Snapshot gadget from Progressive won’t cost you a cent, but it could save you up to 30 percent on your car insurance.

Drivers can tap into those potential savings by taking advantage of usage-based insurance programs like Snapshot from Progressive. Snapshot rewards safe drivers with a discount of up to 30 percent on car insurance. According to Progressive, customers in the Snapshot program who have earned discounts have already saved more than $30 million, an average of about $150 per driver per year.

Progressive has found that drivers who drive less, more safely and during safer times of day are most likely to earn a discount. Among the findings from the Progressive survey:

  • 50 percent of respondents say they drive less than 12,000 miles per year, even lower than the national average of 13,476 miles per year (source: U.S. Department of Transportation);
  • 84 percent of drivers define themselves as cautious (49 percent) or defensive (39 percent); and
  • 88 percent are never or rarely on the road between the hours of midnight to 4 a.m. � the most dangerous hours to drive as defined by Progressive.

When you combine all three of these key driving behaviors, 39 percent of all U.S. drivers � or more than 70 million drivers � may be eligible to receive a discount on their car insurance.

“Good drivers should pay less for their car insurance � that�s something nearly everybody can agree on,” said Richard Hutchinson, general manager of usage-based insurance at Progressive. “Our data shows that more than 70 percent of all Snapshot drivers now enjoy extra savings, which is one reason why our program continues to grow so quickly.”

Snapshot discounts are based on real-time collection of a customer�s driving habits. The Snapshot device is a small, sleek piece of advanced engineering that uses telematics and plugs into a car�s onboard diagnostic port. The Progressive survey found that 63 percent of American drivers would allow their auto insurer to gather this real-time information if it led to possible savings.

Progressive�s own data, based on an analysis of more than one million daily trips and nearly 3 billion driving miles, suggests that not only do safe drivers save money with Snapshot, but Snapshot customers are 20 percent less likely to receive a ticket for a moving violation and 10 percent less likely to be in an accident.

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Methodological Notes

This surveywas conducted by Harris Interactive by telephone within the United States on behalf of Progressive between August 24 � 28, 2011 among a nationwide cross section of 1,003 adults (aged 18 and over). Figures for age, sex, race, education, region, number of adults in household, and number of telephone lines were weighted where necessary to bring them into line with their actual proportions in the population.

In theory, with probability samples of this size, one could say with 95 percent certainty that the results for the overall sample have a sampling error of plus or minus 3 percentage points. Unfortunately, there are several other possible sources of error in all polls or surveys that are probably more serious than theoretical calculations of sampling error. They include refusals to be interviewed (e.g., non-response), question wording and question order, and weighting. It is impossible to quantify the errors that may result from these factors.

* Calculating the potential savers numbers

210,000,000 (Total number of drivers in the US; Source: U.S. Department of Transportation) multiplied by 86% (Estimated number of insured drivers; Source: Insurance Research Council) multiplied by 39%(Percentage of drivers who display all Snapshot characteristics; Source: Harris Interactive) equals 70,434,000 million drivers could save with a program like Snapshot.