SCM Risk Management Services partners with PowerSoft to roll out iClarify to Canadian Brokers

Toronto, ON November 28, 2011 – SCM Risk Management Services (RMS) is pleased to announce that iClarify is now available to PowerSoft brokers in Ontario, British Columbia, Qu�bec and Atlantic Canada. This exciting development is the result of a partnership between RMS and PowerSoft to expand the distribution of iClarify services for PowerSoft customers across Canada.

Combining unique, proprietary data derived from the largest repositories of total loss claims and inspection data nation-wide, iClarify generates 14 critical construction data elements while also providing accurate, geo-coded streetscape and satellite imagery. In effect, brokers are able to now “see the risk”, driving accuracy, transparency and a solid understanding of the risk at point of sale. The service has allowed brokers to experience a new level of innovation and sophistication through a streamlined approach to risk selection while also driving efficiencies such as reducing average quote times.

Greg McCutcheon, President of SCM Risk Management Services stated, “We have witnessed improved workflow and increased data accuracy captured by brokers currently utilizing iClarify. We are excited to offer this enhanced workflow in partnership with PowerSoft.”

“We believe that the integration of RMS’ property data validation services into our products will allow PowerSoft brokers to underwrite more accurately and quickly and better serve their clients by ensuring that proper limits are put into place,” said Chris Lang, PowerSoft President and CTO, “We have received countless requests from our existing clients to implement this service within our rating application, and we are pleased to finally announce that iClarify is available within PowerQuote.”

iClarify is scheduled to be live in all provinces across Canada by January 2012.

About SCM

SCM Risk Management Services provides innovative, customized risk solutions tailored to each client’s specific needs and special requirements through an integrated, streamlined, and synergized solutions. We are the largest risk inspection company in Canada and the only one that is truly national in scope with local offices right across the country. Our experienced and expert teams of loss control specialists, appraisers, valuation professionals, and risk managers, provide a broad selection of products and services, like iClarify, with the valuable risk information the industry needs to profitably manage its commercial and residential portfolios.

For more information, please contact Jeff Sutton, National Director iClarify at [email protected] You may also visit or contact SCM-RMS at [email protected] or 1.800.268.8080.

About PowerSoft

PowerSoft was founded in 1998, with its main focus being the design and development of effective
software solutions for Insurance Brokers in the Canadian market. These software tools are designed to
improve efficiency and streamline operations, simplifying and speeding up the day-to-day duties of
Canadian Insurance Brokers.

For PowerSoft inquiries, please contact Chris Dunn, VP Sales and Customer Service, at [email protected] You may also visit or call 1.888.833.7697.