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Creating, Leveraging Engagement and Loyalty with Social Media

In our last post, we noted that leading independent agents and insurers in the US are finding real value in creatively using social media.  Two recent articles underscore the characteristics that create the real value:  Engagement and Loyalty.


eMarketer posted on work done by Digital marketing agency Web Liquid which found that photos on Facebook posts had the highest engagement rate (measured in ‘likes’ or comments), followed by those with video , links, or text only.

Additional research also indicated that “requesting the engagement activities” actually led to engagement. Momentus Media, which provides marketing software for use within Facebook, noted that “Facebook status updates that contained the word ‘like’ saw a 0.38% engagement rate and those that said ‘comment’ saw a 0.14% engagement rate. Text updates without either ‘like’ or ‘comment’ saw a lower 0.11% engagement.”


At the ACORD Implementation Forum we covered in our last post, Angelyn Truetel, an independent agent from Florida, noted that Twitter was especially useful for retention.  Research from Constant Contact and Chadwick Martin Bailey also reported in eMarketer, supported this, noting that Twitter users tend to follow a small number of companies, but when they did,   “50% said that after following a company’s tweets they were more likely to purchase from the firm, and among men the share was 55%. An even stronger majority said they would be more likely to recommend the brand to others.”

So what are the take-aways?  Use images in your on-line postings, ask for comments and ‘likes, and use Twitter to become a brand your customers follow.

And what’s your experience? Do you use Social Media for Engagent?  For Loyalty?