North American Policy Administration Systems 2011: Life, Health, and Annuities ABCD Vendor View

Report Published by Celent
Celent provides a detailed look at 18 policy administration systems for life, health, and annuities.

In a new report, North American Policy Administration Systems 2011: Life, Health, and Annuities ABCD Vendor View, Celent looks at policy administration systems available to insurers in North America. The report is part of a series on policy administration systems (PAS) in North America, EMEA, and Asia.

The Elements of a Policy Administration System

“The life and annuity policy administration market continues to evolve,” says Craig Weber, Senior Vice President of Celent’s Insurance group and coauthor of the report. “Every vendor we looked at this year has improved its offering in some way, and changes in company ownership have altered the landscape significantly. Even if you think you already know the players, this refreshed analysis will bring new insights.”

“This report is intended to help insurers compare vendors on a wide range of factors. Additionally, insurers can evaluate a vendor relative to their IT strategy by looking at hard and soft critical factors such as the availability of certain technical or functional features as well as the vendor’s availability of services that the insurer will require as part of system implementation and integration,” adds Karen Monks, Analyst with Celent’s Insurance group and coauthor of the report.

This report features Celent’s ABCD Vendor View. The ABCD Vendor View presents comparative views of the vendor marketplace in four areas: advanced technology and technical flexibility, breadth of functionality, customer base, and depth of client services and solutions. The report also describes the core processes in a modern policy administration system, as well as the supporting capabilities and additional point solutions provided by vendors.

A table of contents for this report is available online.

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