Allstate Canada advises owners how to winterize seasonal vehicles and save on insurance

Protect Your Summer Wheels During the Winter

TORONTO, October 25, 2011 – Canadians spent an estimated $140 million on motorcycles, scooters and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) in 2010, according to the Canadian Off-Highway Vehicle Distributors Council. With winter soon approaching, these vehicles – along with convertibles and other seasonal cars – will need to be stored. Allstate Insurance Company of Canada offers owners advice on storing a vehicle properly during the winter in order to protect their investment and to ensure it will run smoothly come spring.

Karen Benner, spokesperson for Allstate Canada, says that while insurance policies for motorcycles are typically pro-rated to cover the months when owners cannot ride, this is not the case for most automobiles that are only driven in warm weather. Benner recommends owners speak with their insurance agent to learn what adjustments might be made to save on insurance while the vehicle is off the road. As well, if an owner is keeping it in a storage facility, they should ask about the facility�s insurance coverage before signing any contracts. “It is important for owners to know before they store their vehicle who will pay for repairs if it is damaged over the winter. This way there will be no hassles over reimbursement when you pick the car or bike up and discover it�s been dinged or scratched,” says Benner.

To help Canadians better protect what they have today, Allstate Canada offers the following winter storage advice for cars, motorcycles and ATVs from

  1. A good thorough cleaning, inside and out, will ensure the vehicle is free of any debris and unpleasant surprises in the spring. Plus, a breathable cover is a good option to keep the vehicle clean during storage.
  2. Fill the gas tank and add stabilizer to it, then run the engine for five minutes. Doing this will prevent moisture from collecting and creating rust from the inside out.
  3. Change the vehicle�s oil before storage as old oil can become acidic and cause damage over the winter.
  4. Put the vehicle up on a jack or on blocks to prevent flat spots on the tires. If the vehicle will not be on a jack or blocks, then inflate the tires to the maximum pressure as this will also help prevent flat spots.
  5. Either remove the battery or invest in a battery tender to maintain its charge throughout the winter months. A battery tender is an easy way to keep the battery fresh while the vehicle is not in use.

Save money on insurance while the vehicle sits idle

Allstate Canada recommends owners speak with their insurer to discuss money-saving options during the time the vehicle is stored. “If no one is driving the car during the winter, you may be able to save money by modifying your coverage while the vehicle is not in use,” says Benner. “For example, you could suspend all but the comprehensive coverage on the insurance policy if the vehicle will not be driven. This means the vehicle will be insured if it is damaged while in storage, but you will not be paying for coverage that you would normally need when actually driving the car. Once the warm weather arrives, don�t forget to call your agency to resume coverage before you take your car out for a spin.”

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