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Thanks, Steve

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, and I have many things to be thankful for.

Not the least of which are Apple and Steve Jobs.  I was one of those IT types who dismissed the Apple line as something less than a real computing environment.  However,  sometime in the mid 1990s,  I had to replace a home computer, and decided to get something ‘easy’, so I didn’t have to share my ‘real’ computer.  And I bought an iMac.

When my ‘real’ computer when down one day, and I had to get something done, I grudgingly used the iMac.  The conversion was rapid.  I now have three different Apple computing devices in my home.  I am using one now.

It’s not the graphics, not the sound, not the apps, and not even the ease of use (in the strict sense of the word).  I simply get more done using my Apple devices, because they are so intuitive for me.

With regard to usability, Apple has set the bar.  High.  Sometimes this is not comfortable for IT professionals.  Like when an executive comes in to the IT manager’s office with an iPad (or iPhone or…) and says, “How come your stuff doesn’t work like this?”  However, it is a dose of reality that we have to hear in order to understand our customers’ expectations.

Clearly, the success of Apple, and the high standards it’s products adhere to, are due in large part to the inspired leadership of Steve Jobs.  Details of his work are being recorded very well by other, so I’ll just say,

Thanks, Steve.

And thanks also to the young man who did the inspired graphic on this page.  It’s very cool.  So is  the story. Check it out.

Good Thanksgiving to all.