Kerby-Reid Launches Insurance Pro-Rata App

September 20, 2011 � Toronto – Kerby-Reid has announced the launch of a mobile app to help insurance professionals calculate pro-rata and short-rate premiums.

The app, available for Blackberry and iPhone/iPad platforms, is the only mobile application of its kind, helping underwriters, agents and brokers calculate earned and unearned premiums using the standard pro-rata, �old� short-rate or short-rate 90 formulas.

There is even the ability to create your own short rate value by entering any penalty as a percentage from 1-99.

�We felt the insurance industry needed new tools to match the many technological advances that have taken place over the past decade.� Stated Chris MacKechnie, principal of Kerby-Reid. �Until now, underwriters have had to pull out an archaic plastic wheel and calculate the pro-rata themselves, or rely on clunky web-based tools. We can now place a full-functioned calculator in the pocket of every insurance professional, where it is always available.�

The calculator is more accurate than many existing variations, rounding the premium only at the final step of the calculation. Users can also select dollars ($), British pounds (�) and Euro (�) currencies.

The app is available for $2.99 on iTunes and Blackberry App World.

Kerby-Reid specializes in next-generation tools that help insurers distribute and service insurance policies more effectively. In addition to the pro-rata app, the company is also known for its Snap Insurance Platform for specialty, program and niche insurance products.

About Kerby-Reid Insurance

Kerby-Reid is dedicated to helping insurance companies live up to your clients’ expectations. It is not our goal to eliminate agents and brokers � far from it. Instead we help insurers arm their sales-force with next-generation tools that satisfy their customer’s expectations and allow them to focus their energy on activities that maximize their skills, expertise and relationships. We provide insurers and brokers with a portfolio of distribution tools that deliver information across the digital divide � including the Internet, omnipresent smart phones and tablet computers � safely and intuitively.