LawPRO: Revamped TitlePLUS® website designed to be a resource for lawyers

Toronto, ON September 19, 2011: Lawyers looking for information to help them explain title insurance to clients or needing resources to help them streamline their practice need look no further than the new-look TitlePLUS website launched last week.

The website overhaul had, as its guiding principle, a goal of helping lawyers in all aspects of practice, says Mark Farrish, director of sales and marketing, TitlePLUS. “We wanted to make it quick, intuitive and easy for lawyers, their staff and their clients to use this site � to put the information and the resources they might need at their fingertips,” he said.

Under the About Us section, visitors will find links to background information on the TitlePLUS program, including a legal services description page that lawyers may find particularly useful in helping clients understand the benefits of TitlePLUS legal services coverage.

Under the Products and Services tab, lawyers and their staff will find links to documents and information sheets used regularly such as Quick Facts, Pricing, the Confirmed Lenders List and more. A new Policyholder Information tab includes a sample TitlePLUS policy and links to a claims reporting form, two resources clients ask about the most.

A Publications tab links to the many publications and information brochures produced by the TitlePLUS department to provide information to lawyers and their clients.

A Resources tab links to resources that help lawyers in their communication with clients, such as the Working with a Lawyer when You Buy a Home brochure. The Sample Forms, Letters and Reports link under the same tab links lawyers and their staff to sample retainer and reporting letters � two important risk management tools.

The Real Simple Real Estate Guide™ link contains an extensive list of consumer-oriented resources to help consumers better understand the intricacies of buying or mortgaging a property.

About LAWPRO® and TitlePLUS title insurance

TitlePLUS title insurance is provided by Lawyers’ Professional Indemnity Company (LAWPRO), an
insurance company that is licensed to provide professional liability insurance and title insurance in most
jurisdictions across Canada. TitlePLUS title insurance is the only all-Canadian title insurance product on the
market today. It is used by thousands of lawyers across Canada to protect home buyers and mortgage lenders
under the same policy (and for the same premium) from title-related and other problems that could affect
ownership or the marketability of the property; TitlePLUS insurance also automatically covers the legal
services1 provided by the lawyer closing the purchase.