Industrial Alliance makes improvements to ATTITUDE portfolios, the investment solution that evolves according to group pension plan members’ life cycle and investor profile

QUEBEC CITY, Sept. 19, 2011 – Industrial Alliance is pleased to announce improvements to its ATTITUDE portfolios, the investment solution that combines two essential elements: life cycle and investor profile. Thanks to these improvements, group pension plan members have access to an enhanced turnkey option�one of the best on the market.

Improvements to ATTITUDE portfolios include:

  • Wider choice of portfolios with more precise target retirement years
  • Quarterly evolution and rebalancing (to the target) of asset allocation
  • Integration of portfolio concept after retirement has begun
  • Review of underlying funds and target composition by asset class

ATTITUDE portfolios, designed to optimize the investment strategy with total peace of mind, aim to maximize the growth potential of investments when a member is in the labour market and to automatically reduce the risk gradually as the member approaches retirement, in order to preserve capital.

“When we initially launched ATTITUDE portfolios, they were an innovative investment solution for group pension plan members,” said Lucie Lachance, Senior Director of Actuarial, Marketing and Administration Services for Group Savings and Retirement. “By integrating quarterly evolution of the portfolios after retirement begins, our solution gives members an outstanding additional advantage. Now investments can continue to generate returns after retirement begins, while limiting risks due to market fluctuations.”

In a constant effort to provide flexibility to its clients, Industrial Alliance continues to allow plan sponsors who want to address the specific needs of a group of members to build customized portfolios. Fund managers, funds, asset allocation, investor profiles and retirement dates can be determined by clients, according to their preferences.

Improvements to the ATTITUDE portfolios exemplify Industrial Alliance’s commitment to innovation, flexibility, accessibility and service.

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