TIRF to develop comprehensive vehicle safety education program

September, 2011 – TIRF is pleased to announce its collaboration with Toyota Canada Foundation to develop a comprehensive vehicle safety education program that links the use of vehicle safety features to safe driving practices.

The goal of this national public education program is to provide the public with consistent, contemporary, research-based knowledge and understanding of vehicle safety features, and how these features relate to safe driving practices. The general focus of this program will address:

  • the role and function of vehicle safety features;
  • the effectiveness of vehicle safety features and factors that can affect the use of these features; and,
  • the use of these features in conjunction with safe driving behaviours and practices.

This program will challenge myths and misconceptions about vehicle safety features and highlight practical strategies that drivers can adopt to keep themselves and their families safe on the roads. Its purpose is to educate the public about vehicle safety and serve as a resource to the many organizations, agencies and groups with an interest in improving road safety.

Content for the program will be developed through a multi-pronged approach including a national public opinion poll and literature review to ensure the program meets the needs of Canadians. The program will be structured in modules and will incorporate an interesting and user-friendly website combined with fact sheets, posters and public service announcements that emphasize key facts about vehicle safety in relation to safe driving behaviours. Social media will be utilized to encourage positive discussion of vehicle safety features. Collaborations with key agencies and media will be established to promote and disseminate various aspects of the program (e.g., driver education, automobile associations and clubs, school boards).

It is anticipated that the program will be made available in Spring 2012.

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About TIRF

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