SGI: Make sure you’re protected before you go

September 2011 – Health insurance isn’t the only type of coverage you need before your next trip to the United States.

Maybe you’re driving to North Dakota for some weekend shopping or planning a family trip to Arizona this winter. Whatever the case, it’s important to have the protection you need if you’ll be driving while you’re there.

For example, if you’re involved in a collision in the U.S. and you’re found at fault, you could be sued for damages, such as medical expenses and lost wages if the person you hit is injured. Your basic plate insurance provides $200,000 of third party liability insurance. But is it enough?

“If the damages exceed $200,000, you would be responsible for the difference,” said Rick Barks, Assistant Vice President of Personal Lines at SGI CANADA. “If you don’t have the money on-hand, you may have to dip into your retirement savings, your wages could be garnished or you could even end up losing your home or the farm.”

That’s where auto extension insurance comes in. It offers many benefits, including third party liability insurance, up to a maximum of $5,000,000. Five million dollars will go a lot further than $200,000 in a serious car crash.

“Auto extension insurance policies average about $15 a month,” said Barks. “For peace of mind, it’s worth considering the next time you’re planning a trip to the U.S.”

For more information on the features available with auto extension insurance, and to ensure you have the coverage you need, talk to your independent insurance broker.

About SGI

Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) is the province’s self-sustaining auto insurance fund. SGI operates 21 claims centres and five salvage centres across Saskatchewan with a head office in Regina. SGI also works with a network of over 400 motor licence issuers across the province.