Novarica 2011 Distribution Market Navigator Profiles 15 Solutions

Distribution management solutions are used to manage the various aspects of channel relationships. There are three primary functions provided � compliance, compensation and contact management.

Distribution systems have much to offer, particularly for carriers who have complex distribution channel strategies. Consistency in assuring licensing and appointment compliance can help avoid market conduct fines. Simple processing of commissions and incentive programs can save internal time and provide an easy way of motivating producers to place more business with a carrier. And providing access to these tools via self-service capabilities meets a frequent request by agency principals. Lastly, modeling and analytical tools make it easy for a marketing executive to keep on top of how well a particular channel is performing for a carrier.

Novarica 2011 Distribution Market Navigator Profiles 15 Solutions

If you are considering a distribution system, as a first step, take a look at the market navigator I just published. It provides an over view of key features typically found in distribution systems � and highlights those that are more unusual. You will also find a profile on each of 15 distribution management solutions. If you are considering replacing your distribution management system, this is a good place to start doing your research.

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